Cause you bake me crazy........

K - "What are you watching! It's so violent. Why are you watching all this." (A reaction to a show where a mom is screaming since her child is getting bullied)

K always has over the top reactions to whatever I watch. He is extremely mellow in nature. I feel like I am married to a nice pink cotton candy. High on all the good in this world. Oblivious to the twisted nature of the human mind or anything slightly out of the ordinary. So he finds my choice of movies and shows extremely weird. He as it is feels that I am mentally imbalanced (not in an alarming way) and should not watch stuff that can add fuel to my personality upheavals. 

All this tension over a show called Big Little Lies. A lovely show that stars Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon. It's a seven episode mini series, suggested by The Mother and I loved it. The show revolves around five women, their lives, kids, relationships, etc. It also shows a very twisted side to relationships and how many people are alw…

Life on my platter...


It's been a long time. I think. Nearly a month. 

K has been pestering me for a good ten days now..
"When will you blog"
"When will you draw"
"When are your tuitions"

K has always been very serious and particular about my work. He knows I tend to get lazy and my moods always rule my life. He knows that he needs to keep pushing me. Finally after a lot of pushing and prodding, I have opened my laptop to update my blog. A lot of people have been asking my about why I haven't written in a while. 

The reasons are two fold.
1- I had a block. Writers block or art block or say life block. Whatever. I just didn't want to do anything. I am one of those few lucky people who can just choose to do whatever they want, or not do anything. So I chose to not write or draw for one month. I wrapped up my commitments and took a break. And I will still be on a break for a while. Because that's what I want. 

2 - I had a lasik surgery. Now this is huge. I finally a…

A honest revelation of a tangled me...

It is taking me a lot of effort to blog today. I have been extremely demotivated (as usual) since the last ten days. So I took a break (as usual) from writing and art. Why am I always demotivated? Well the month of May along with heat strokes, is also vacation time. During this horrendous month, all the maids decide to go to "gaon". (Village) And I am sure everyone knows the importance of house helps and what happens when they go off for a long time. 
So yes, I am annoyed and irritated. My saving grace is planning various social activities so that I can get out of the house. This is the problem when you freelance from home. You miss going out to work. You tend to get complacent and work as per your convenience. Sometimes even when there is an assignment, you choose to relax and watch a show in the afternoon. It sounds amazing to some people, but trust me it's not. I miss a work life routine. When you freelance from home, especially in a big family where there is a lot of w…

Being creatively charged and following your heart...


So since I am back I have been very charged up. You must have seen in my previous posts where I was all about how I love my routine and all. Well now I am back to disliking it. I just want to do some art and not at all be bothered by home crap. So my "routine-loving" phase lasted for exactly one week. Any way, I am glad that I have been motivated to create. I have been complaining of being stagnated in my art and wanted to break out. I have finally found some inspiration and have completely immersed myself in my latest series. 

So my latest art series is called "Imagining life with you" which is dedicated to my pet Toulouse. I have been moping and mourning for over a year now and instead thought of channelling my pain in a healthier way. Thus came the idea of giving him a tribute to my art works. Henceforth all my ink art works will have him featured in it in some way or the other. He is in my heart, my soul, my mind. He is everywhere for me, so why not bring …

Prancing away in Sri Lanka.....

K and I want our next two years to just go in travelling. So we have decided to go venture out and see as much as we can, no matter what the circumstance is or however the weather may be. Thus we decided to pack our bags and prance away to Sri Lanka in the mad heat of April. We do not mind any climatic condition as long as our hotels are good and we have a luxurious, comfortable trip planned. Both of us are not "back-packing" material and prefer to keep our comforts in mind whenever we travel. 

Sri Lanka, however small it looks on the map, is actually pretty big. There is a lot to explore and even seven days are not enough to cover everything. I think to see Sri Lanka completely, you need at least a month. Thus in our seven days we managed to check out four cities. We went around exploring Negombo, Sigiriya, Kandy and Colombo.

All cities had their own beauty but I truly fell in love with Negombo, Colombo and probably developed a crush on Kandy. 

Negombo is a quaint town/city li…

Routine! I have missed you!

Hi Peeps!

We are back from our wonderful holiday where we went exploring Sri Lanka for a week. It was a lovely trip which I will share on my next blog post. Right now I am too tired and extremely happy to be back to my routine life. I crib and complain about my routine all the time but now suddenly I realised I have fallen in love with my overly settled life. Or maybe I am just recharged right now from my holiday so I feel this random new found love and respect towards my life and home.

You get so caught up in the fast life of Bombay that you tend to take your routine for granted. The peace of a lovely home, a very big supportive family, a regular routine, comfortable freelancing career, happy marriage and I can go on. We take so much for granted. We let life pass by so fast that we don't end up cherishing the simple soul-full things that happen everyday. 

I was so happy to dig into a bowl of hot "poha" at 12 am last night after a week of mad junk food. There is no place li…

Life as we know it...

I was wondering what I should blog about today and I even had a topic in mind but then this happened. I came across a lovely article filled with wonderful illustrations that I just had to write about them. The article is on "growing up" in today's time and age. I thought why not put across these images and connect them to my life.

There is so much pressure of growing up these days. The problem is that even at the age of 27, actually I will be 28 in two months but till then I will diligently state my age as 27, I still do NOT remotely feel grown up. I feel like a kid stuck in a big fat house, waiting to just laze around, munch on chips and binge watch shows. Sigh. If there was a Fairy God Mother, that's what I would wish for. Unlimited stacks of money, junk food and great shows.

Marloes De Vries is an artist from Netherlands who loves to draw sketches on daily life. One of her favourite topic is "growing up" and I just loved her illustrations. I felt it was sp…