Dark Obsession

Taylor was the most sought after girl in Minnesota. She was beautiful, rich and had none other than Jack Nichol, the king of mafia as her father. She was aloof and intimidating and confined her friendship to only one person, her best friend Jean Olsen. They have been friends since she could remember, and have been inseparable. They went out for movies, lunches, sleepovers, parties and lot of other things together. But one night something happened that changed everything, one night of intense passion left them confused and disoriented.

All these years they thought they were friends and nothing more, but the attraction was growing deeper and one night was enough for them to understand that they were in love. The news came as a shock to everyone in their university, two beautiful girls being lovers is not something many could digest. They decided to hide the news from their family, so they continued like before. The sleepovers increased, so did their dinner parties, luncheons and trip to the movies.

They spoke for hours, but Taylor had reached heights of obsession, she couldn’t stand a minute away from her lover, and this intensity started to scare Jean. Somewhere deep within her, confused sexuality was too much her for to handle and she started to pull back. She avoided Taylor, didn’t answer her calls, ignored all messages and completely erased her off. Taylor was shocked and hurt, Jean’s sudden severing of ties blew her off track. What troubled her most was there was no explanation or reason, she didn’t even know what did she do wrong to deserve this.

Finally after nights of living on chips and coping with depression alone she decides to go and confront Jean, something that she should have done much before. She started walking towards Jean’s house, when she abruptly stopped shock still. What she saw filled her with fury she never witnessed before. Jean was walking hand in hand with a man, so in love and happy.

Taylor couldn’t stand it anymore, she had reached the epitome of madness and had to get away from there before she lost control and did something terrible.As she entered her room, she was thinking over what just happened. How could Jean just forget what they had and move on, how could she just ignore her actual sexuality and change herself to suit others. Taylor could stand everything except for betrayal. She fished out her father’s gun from his safe and started to walk towards Jean’s house.

She was about to pay for her heartless behavior. When Jean opened the door, Taylor barged in. she didn’t say anything, but just kept looking at Jean for several minutes. Then she took out her gun aiming at her head and shot herself.


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