Her Reminiscence (final part)

In the ancient times, in the Greek civilization, temples called Asclepieions were built where the sick would be cured through divine grace and incubating dreams. This was how the gift had originated and passed on. They say the soul leaves the body when we sleep, and dreams occur when our soul travels and connects with the universe. This is the reason why, you never jerk a person awake as the soul may lose its way back to the body.
The bell rang, she didn’t realize two hours had passed in her reminiscing. A young girl stood at the door and introduced herself as Jane. She entered and explicitly started explaining her dream. She saw that she was cutting a birthday cake and eating it fast. Before interpreting, Loraine asked her about the things at Jane’s home. Jane mentioned uncomfortably that home front was a bit unsteady as her parents were against her decision to go to India and study Buddhism in the monastery. Loraine just smiled and told her that birthday cake passes on a message that a most wanted wish is going to be fulfilled.
Jane happily understood what was soon to pass, and left after leaving twenty dollars for Loraine on the table.
She is not allowed to charge money for her gift, but since people insist she doesn’t resist from keeping whatever they give. It can be in the form of money, or even food. She always made enough to survive, the gift made sure of that. She remembered how people had various dreams and came rushing to her for the message. Some had dreams that vividly showed bright colors. Every color had a hidden message, like indigo meant divine protection, green meant fertility and pink meant joy. Dreams of animals too were symbolic.
She remembered the dream of one of her client who saw herself dying in a stampede of camels. A camel portrays the burdens a person carries on their shoulder and passes a message to forgive and forget. She remembered how she once saw a unicorn in her dream, long time ago. It signified purity and power, which was relevant and true because soon enough she had discovered her gift of dream reading.
The most common dreams everyone gets, are where they see themselves flying. If one can control their flying it means they are on top of a situation or conflict, but if the flight has obstructions and one cannot control their flying, it indicates that struggle is on its way.
She knew her whole life would go on like this, and she had no regrets. She was blessed to help others and that is that she would always do. The bell rang again, she opened the door and her next client entered.


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