Her Reminiscence

She woke up, startled. Dreaming of rotting teeth is not a good sign, it means bad luck, or death of a loved one. Soon enough she got a call, informing her that her grandmother had passed away and she was to perform the last rites.
Loraine came back at eight in the morning, tired with puffed eyes. She washed her face, ate her breakfast and waited. Her client was going to come soon.

Very few dream interpreters exist in this world, she was lucky enough to be one of them. After discovering her gift, she went to India and studied the dream scriptures. She was gifted to read dreams and pass on the messages to people who needed it. This was the purpose of her life and she had devoted her life to this power.

Andrew came on time, a mask of tension etched on his face. He recalled his dream where he saw himself dining with his family in a huge beautiful glass house, and then abruptly he woke up feeling very uneasy. Loraine heard it patiently and interpreted it. Glass houses mean that reputation is threatened, the family was going to have a fall in reputation soon. He asked her for a solution, but she had no choice. Dream interpreters are born only to pass on the message, not give answers to those messages.

After he left, Loraine was left to ponder on her life. For years she has been living in New York, using her gift to fulfill her purpose. Her grandmother had passed on the gift to her and trained her to use it well. Her first lesson was the story her grandmother had told her.

Part 2 coming soon.


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