Time to change (at least for now)....

Well generally my writing is very limited and always stuck to dark and depressing stories, but suddenly at 1:18 am I feel that I could embrace a change. My blog shall now also have few bright stories and will be hopefully a bit more personal. Talking about personal, my life has become a total weird slump. I keep cribbing and worrying about things not changing or life not moving fast enough, but actually life is changing all the time, I just couldn't see the so called changes.

For the past few days I was just complaining about my life, but thankfully today I finally realized that it wasn't a slump after all. Life is actually good. I am somewhat figuring what my path is and what my goals are. I want to be a footwear designer, there, i said it! Hopefully I stick to it. Even though I didn't want to work, I got a good market research job offer that I can comfortably sit at home and do. I get paid for it too!! (wasn't expected)

College life is going pretty ok, I have made new friends, I attend some lectures and at least go to college thrice a week which is an achievement for a girl who wouldn't go for months at a stretch. A lot of family functions are going to come, as usual I was cribbing, but now that I think about it, its actually going to be fun and I am going to be shopping!!

So finally I am glad that I introspected and realized I was being pathetic and petty. Its time I take life as it comes and appreciate it and most importantly get a grip on myself. Anyway this is what I feel right now, hope its not a phase! Lets see how I am doing few days later. Here comes an end to my monologue, which I know is actually juvenile in a way, but my blog had been dead for ages and it was high time to update it with my silly words. Bye for now.


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