Finally dancing awayyy!!

When I was studying in Raffles Design, for a particular subject we were made to dance during our fashion show. It was a Madonna song and I had to be all seductive and stuff. It was hell embarrassing, but nevertheless I enjoyed it and realized that I want to learn dancing. I tried to join classes but something or the other always came up.I was too scared to join and wanted someone to come with me, but everyone was busy. Finally after three to four years, today I got the courage to join a dance class. It is basically street dancing mixed with jazz taken from the movie Step Up, and in a month I have a show! Though I am not great in dancing and hell stiff, I am enjoying it and very pleased that I at least took the first baby step to face my fear. I hope that I do well and continue to dance.


  1. Hey Tanvi! dats really gr8. every big thing starts with a small step. who knows in a year or so u mite become a famous dancer. all d best. with u all d happiness in life.

  2. Thnk u so much :) well i dnt continue dancing anymore but still my fear is gone..n i actively dance wen im out :))


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