And it begins...Story 99

The boy and girl were family friends since kindergarten. Their families were extremely close, especially the mothers who were like sisters. They were literally family, but the boy and girl were never close, when they were small the boy left for Mumbai and the girl stayed back in her hometown in Bhopal. Years passed, and they were just two people who would meet during summer vacations. As the girl became young, she along with her sister moved to Mumbai to do her college, it was then they got back in touch and became friends. Overtime they got close, both had their own relationships to handle and talk about. Both even met each others lovers. During college somehow the girl's relationship broke and even the boy's relationship ended. The boy and girl got closer due to their breakups and bonded more. The girl deciding she doesn't want to live in Mumbai anymore leaves for Bhopal and they lose touch.

Few months pass by, when the boy suddenly calls her up. She generally talks about her plans to go to Goa and he too asks if he could join. She readily agrees. They meet in Goa. The boy with his friends and the girl with hers, yet he leaves all his friends and instead spends time with the girl every night. Both catch up, drink and talk till the wee hours of morning. This goes on for few nights. They both had casual conversations, both discussing their latest flings. But somehow guess something else was meant to happen. During the trip both could not deny that they had an underlying chemistry, they thus end up sharing an intimate moment together. While leaving back for Mumbai both decide that what happens in Goa, stays in Goa. But the girl could not forget what they shared and nor could the boy. She was to leave the next day, the boy had already left. They talk over the phone and the fact that they miss each comes tumbling out. The boy suddenly tells her that he will be picking her up from the airport. They meet there and obviously notice that their chemistry is static. They spend few days together which were magical for them till the time comes for the girl to leave back for Bhopal. The boy tries his best to convince her to stay back in Mumbai but she has to leave, her family was there. The boy himself, in few months was leaving for USA to study for a couple of years. The girl packs her bags and leaves for the train station. On her way to the station she passes the boy's house and something just clicks. They say love is a realisation that suddenly hits you when you are least expecting it and then you feel that you had known it all along. She stops at the McDonalds nearby, with all her luggage, and she calls the boy up. She tells him she cannot leave, and tells him to meet her. They meet there, talk, she ignores all the calls from her family, even for as second she does not care what is going to happen, what will she tel her family. It was at that point both realize that they are crazily in love.

They decide that till he goes to USA they will spend those few months together. The time they spent together was perfect, but they still hadn't discussed what they will do ahead. Their family would object, and they did not want to spoil their family relations, also the boy was leaving soon. But nothing came in the way, all they wanted to do was be together. As time passed, it had finally come to the point where he had to leave. They had thought they will not "go the distance" but in the few seconds at the airport they knew they cannot part. Its now been seven months and both are going amazingly strong. See the strong role of fate. These two family friends never thought that one day, twenty one years later they were meant to fall in love. People say long distance doesn't work but when two people are in love they will do anything to just be together, even if they are miles and miles away. Hope it works out for them and they are always this happy. I pray that their relationship goes all the way! :))


  1. Wow! What a beautiful story this!! Long distance does work if both parties are up for a real challenge, coz it definitely is a massive one! As for the couple here, I wish them a lifetime of happiness!! Great job Karnik ;)


  2. Thnks Nikhil, btw thnks for ur suggestions, ur keep tht in mind..n wil use it for next story..


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