Eventful Today

Well first of all, YAYY..first time I have updated my blog in just 3 days! Today was quite eventful, with the day starting with Dwellu's antics. He enters the class looking all chinese, squinting his eyes and muttering to himself. Turn's out that on his way to college while he was running to reach on time, the root from a banyan tree apparently slapped his face! haha..Why does all this happen to Dwellu?!! I met my friend Subah today after ages. We were best friends few years ago when we studied at Raffles, but after my diploma ended we both got busy with our own lives and lost touch. Anyway even though we met after months, the rapport and connection between us is still the same. We had an awesome cheese and mushroom paratha and then we went to Costa to have tea. I filled her in with everything that was happening in life and well so did she. :-) Cannot believe that so much has changed. Its true when people say change is the only thing in life thats constant. Anyway chucking all these ramblings aside, I want to watch Meri brother ki dulhan and friends with benefits. Its been forever since I have watched a good movie in the theaters. Hopefully I get to catch up on them before exams start in 3 weeks. I have to also think about a good topic for my industrial psychology project, and start the counselling research too. HOW MUCH WORK YET HERE I AM WRITING AND LISTENING TO SONGS! :D Anyway will write something more later, mostly something different and not just what happened during the day.


  1. friends with benefits is awesome.

    as for mere brother ki dulahan, katrina looks hot. like really friggin hot.

    things do change. mostly for all good. :)

  2. ok..il watch them then? even tho ppl said its not great i still want to..thnks :) n yes things always change for d best!


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