While I am waiting for the watch to say 8 pm so that I can leave as I am going out, I think let me put in words the most embarrassing thing that happened to me yesterday. I wear glasses, and my number is seven for both the eyes, so I am visually handicapped without them and cannot see a thing. My friends and me were standing in the corridor when I just removed my glasses for like "exactly" one minute. In that god forsaken minute my teacher comes out from the cabin and I think she asks me something. Being a dimwit troll as usual, instead of immediately wearing my glasses, I squint to see who is that woman as I really couldn't see anything, just a blur of green. She repeatedly asked me something, which given also that my ears are weird, I couldn't even hear that. Finally it struck me after a good two minutes of staring that, hey! I am not wearing my glasses. I wore them but she had walked by. So well this is the most embarrassing thing ever and a high eye power is really a handicap. Why do such things happen to me? I always fall down somewhere, trip over stuff, blurt out something that I am not suppose to, that's why I have been named "gutter", I always do something stupid that results in huge lectures from my dad, and now this!! Bloody glasses! Cant wait to get a laser surgery done but NO! The eye power usually does not grow after 18 yrs, its stops there for 98.5% of the population, but even though I am 22 it's still increasing for me! The eye doctor( dont know what's the operational term and I am too bored to google) told me I am a part of 1.5% of the abnormal population whose power increases even after 18. I mean what the hell! Defective as usual, but well at-least I am unique!


  1. haha! that's awesome. Nice way to look at it. :) You're one of a kind!

  2. If 1.5% is unique, then it seems as though Ansh has a penchant for unique friends, cause I have the same probs. :)

  3. Some of the most sad piece of writing i have ever seen, needs tremendous proofreading

  4. okie. hopefully with practice i shall improve.

  5. ROFL !! Join the club, Mine is 4.75 and in the mornings I need glasses to find my glasses. The ears not working minus glasses part is SO FREAKING TRUE. Without my glasses I cant think, hear or for that matter even stand properly :P

    PS: Number stops increasing for most after 21 and not 18, You can get a laser operation done only if your number has remained stable for a year. Also find out about this thing called 'Eagles' eye which is basically a little more expensive laser treatment in which you can get more than normal vision aka 7/6 in both eyes. Planning to get that done next year and free myself from this 'window se duniya dekho' type life :D

    PPS: Yes life with glasses is unique, we look like retards in swimming pools, rain makes us want wiper on our glasses, Get out of AC into the normal world and instantly our life stops for 2 minutes till the fog disappears, Cricket, Football cant be played minus the fear of a strike out. Everytime we cant see something clearly we run to the optician to get the power checked only to realise that it was our 'brain' that was tired and not eyes :P

    Cheers Eagle !


  6. hahahahaa..well said....okiee...hopefully il get laser done soon too... :)


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