Hmmm...ok so now what!

Ok, I am bored! I am sad to inform that I will not be..wait, not sad, I am happy to inform that I will not be continuing with the 101 love stories. Dont get me wrong, its not that I don't love "love stories" and stuff like that but its just that 101 is a huge number! Should have thought about it when I publicly announced. The pressure of that number has killed the joy but still as when I get a good enough story I will put it on the blog, till then I will rather just continue my ramblings. I am getting a super duper headache right now and I am craving Premavera pizza from Red box! Random shit. I have so much work for the next two weeks as exams are starting, but I am happy that I will be studying. I am so very bloody sick of assignments and reports. I just want to read and make notes for the next two weeks. Geeky right? By the way I watched Mausam. It was well I don't have words to describe it actually. I cant believe it that anyone could actually make that. Even movies like Gunda and Desh Drohi have some logic, but Mausam logic = zero. The actor runs station to station with a paralyzed hand. During the riots he climbs a Ferris wheel to save come ugly kid and his paralyzed hand starts to work again. He saves some bloody horse which then keeps following the couple. The hospital scene is shot in Sophia's college. I mean what the hell!!!! If they cant spend a bomb on a good cast, exotic locations like Zurich and Scotland, why the hell couldn't they actually create a hospital set, instead of showing Shahid Kapoor being rushed, bleeding in the corridors if Sophia's. Every bloody person knows its a college!! Anyway Shahid Kapoor is just too hot, it would be awesome to be with a man who is a part of the Indian Air Force or Army! They are just too cool! So now this is all that I could ramble about, now I think I will eat something and finally study.


  1. Nikhil ChinchankarOctober 3, 2011 at 7:28 AM

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! Do you know pankaj kapoor stopped the music release because his name wasnt included in the song 'saj dhaj ke'? And he has 'said' 1 line in the song :|

    P.S. I <3 Red Box

  2. hahhahahhaa!! loser he is!! seriously! i feel bad for the whole cast n crew man!! n yes! i loveeee red box too!! :D


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