Slow and steady wins the race...Story 100

The girl walks into class. Pretty and striking, she easily merges into the boy's class group. Who knew what all is yet to happen. The boy already had a crush on someone else, the girl was with some other guy for three years by then. Over time the boy and girl got close and within just mere three months became best friends and knew each other inside out! The boy never felt anything other than friendship for her till, on Traditional Day in college, the girl walks in wearing a "dhara" that is a khasi style saree. That was it. In that one moment he realized this is the girl he loves and he quotes to himself "this is the girl im gonna marry!!" From then on, the girl never left his mind. All he thought of was her, and finally he decided that he is going to do something about it. He started to lose weight, work out and stuff like that. By then the girl coincidentally had broken up with her boyfriend. He immediately asked her out, she agreed but something was amiss. Maybe they had rushed into it too fast. Something wasn't right and after five days itself the girl broke up with the boy. They did not speak for a month, ad she got back with her ex boyfriend. The boy heartbroken did not want her out of his life so he decided to at least keep their friendship. They were great friends as always but the boy just couldn't forget her. Guess thats how love is, our heart just seems so out of control. They got closer as friends though and suddenly he realized that she loves him too, its just that she doesn't know it yet. He told her he will wait for her, the girl disagreed saying nothing will happen, she just sees him as a friend. This way a whole year passed by. The boy waited, the girl was busy in her steady relationship. The boy went to Pune for a short holiday and disconnected from everyone for sometime. When he was back, something had changed for the girl Guess she too was realizing that she loved him. Distance can sometimes make or break something. In this case, distance decided to help the two lovers out. The boy's trips continued, and off he went to Goa. The girl got angry, spoke to him during his whole journey and also told him that she broke up with her boyfriend for good! Sudden right! But then this is what fate does, random things. The boy then went to Kuala Lampur (he travels too much right!) and from there he calls her (ISD) gets down on one knee, and through the phone asks her out. Cheesy but nevertheless cute. Love makes u do cheesy mad things. She said that he knows the answer but will say when he's back. So as soon as he's back, the boy personally asks her again and the girl with her killer smile screams out "YES I WOULD LOVE TO BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND!" It's been three months for them and life is beautiful. The boy who I know personally claims that the world stops when they are together! He has started believing in true love. As for the future when I asked him, he quotes "well...just wait for the wedding card." So touchwood that their relationship goes the long way and they are always happy. In the end we do end up with those whom we are meant to be with. It started a bit roughly, took years to actually happen but see the beautiful journey they now are on. They are finally together. All the best guys! :D


  1. Wow! I can't believe this story is true! Because you see such shit only in movies! Hell its MY OWN STORY and I can't believe it! Reading this makes me feel how beautiful my life really is!! Will make Sakhi read this too at once! And I must say VERY WELL WRITTEN! Kinda poetic! I loved it!

    Thanks for portraying my relationship with Sakhi so beautifully Tanvi... Thanks a lot!!

    Lotsa love <3

  2. Nikhillll!! im glad i could do justice to ur story! :D thnk u so much for appreciating it!! :D encourages me to write more and hopefully write better over time! al d best to u n sakhi! :D

  3. good job tanvi it was like living my own life all over again! i loved it <3 :D... thanks so much!

    All the best :D

  4. welcome!! :D just really happy ive done justice to ur story and ul loved it!

  5. Mere brother ki dulhan? Hogi number one mere brother ki dulhan! :P

    Well no more kidding, you did really well Tanvi, I loved reading it :)

  6. <3 it. everything happens for d best. ~ yu knw who


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