Workings of Fate...Story 101

So many love stories are around me, and when I ponder over them its really beautiful the way they are entwined in the ribbon of fate. I heard a very cute story from my friend few days back. It starts like any typical love story with a girl and a boy. The girl and boy would sit in class together when they were in college and hardly communicated. They weren't friends, just bound together since they were partners. The girl was already in a stable relationship for years and the boy was well, into his own thing. After college the girl went her way and the boy his way, and both were out of touch for nearly five years. During the course of years that passed the girl's stable relationship ended and she moved to Bangalore to study. This boy suddenly out of nowhere finds her on Orkut, and since he's come to Bangalore they meet. Both bond after ages and fall in love. He proposes for marriage, she accepts and now both are happily married. She really never in her wildest dreams thought that she would end up with the boy who she would sit next to in class. This story really makes me wonder the weirdness of fate. Everything is pre-planned. Everything is written, and what is meant to happen will in the end always happen. No one can change what destiny holds for us. She was meant to end up with her partner from college and in the end that's what happened. We never know who walks into our life and who suddenly leaves, all we can do is have faith that the best thing is about to happen and keep an open mind to change. Fate is what makes life so beautiful, in the next minute itself the unexpected can happen. One can never tell what amazing change lies in front of us. :)


  1. KARNIK! I did not know you blogged!! I used to do it too a long time ago... I guess I should start again :p

    What a beautiful story! Stories like such really forces you to believe in love, fate, violins in the background and all that :p. It makes you think that some magical, beautiful, unknown power does exist around us... and its nothing else but LOVE <3 <3

    Great post! :D


    My 'ex' blog :p

  3. Thanks a lottt nikhil!! please send in ur story and yes il check out ur blog! :)


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