Ode to the Caterpillars

When I was in the fourth standard, in school we had a library period. It was my favorite class, I hated the rest. Being an average student, hating school, library time was my sole reason to go where I would read the books and leave reality for a while. Once I came across a book which had everything about making "cool" things at home with waste. I randomly checked it and saw this awesome thing where I could make a small insect house at home. All I needed was a wooden box, leaves and insects! So I decide to start on it. Being a kid obviously I had no brains as to where I'll find a wooden box let alone make one. So my fantastic fourth standard level brain chooses a pencil box for the task. I take that, put some leaves in it, and start searching for insects to put in it. All I see in my garden were caterpillars and ants. Since the caterpillars were long it was easy to just take a stick pick them up and put them into the pencil box, I chucked the ants (HATE THEM). Hence I collected like fifteen to twenty of caterpillars and got them home happily to show Mom. My Mom obviously freaked out and told me to get rid of them asap.

So much hard work! and she easily told me to throw the box. Now here comes another brilliant spark in my head. Who will go down the building and throw the box, hence I decided to just throw it out of my window. I lived on the fifth floor, I went to the balcony opened the box and overturned it. Off fell all the caterpillars and leaves! For some reason, no matter how retarded it sounds I enjoyed watching all the tiny caterpillars fly away as it was windy! Sick I know!
Now that I think over it, I feel so terrible yet I laugh over it. I mean, what was I thinking! Poor caterpillars, I am so sorry for what I did. Weird, but then I am a crazy insect killer on loose. I hate them!! Only butterfly's are good, and spiders I tolerate because I feel they are lucky for me. Whenever I see a spider something good happens! Crazy I know, but then who isn't.


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