Why do we like nerds?

There is something really "cool" about nerds. My whole nerd obsession started when I saw Big Bang theory. The show revolves around the life of four nerds, out of which Leonard and Sheldon are the best. So what is it that attracts most girls towards such guys? I dont really know the answer, but guess its the intelligence, honesty and the fact that they dont mind the fact that they are nerdy and dont really care what others think. Thats the best part, there is no pretense! They are happy reading comics, collecting crap and studying late nights.

Also, nerds make good boyfriends. They get so shocked that they have a girl thus they behave really well and do whatever they can to keep them happy. The usual guys are too busy partying and pretending to be studs when they actually are not! Anyway the reason I feel so is because I love Leonard. He is perfect, sweet, caring and intelligent. What else is needed? So basically guys should understand that every girl does not want some bugger who just drinks, dances and discusses how many girls he's gone out with.

Girls like intelligent men, who are focused, sorted and want something real and concrete in life. Atleast I want that.

So I conclude, nerds are in!! :D


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