Alright, I over reacted.

Well like I said I will write when I am back from the tooth extraction surgery, so here I am with cotton stuffed in my mouth, listening to Empire State of mind by Alicia Keys. The first thing that I will say here is that I am the biggest drama-queen ever. All this stress and tension, for what? The extraction did not hurt at all.
I have been so tensed last few days, I couldn't watch tv, study or even listen to music. Today whole day I was worried sick thinking about the surgery. I would think about the injections, the tugging and what not, and suddenly scream out in the room. I cried at the clinic, but then they had a special dentist arranged for me who is very good at giving injections. So while she injected me, the whole time the helper with her held my hand. Till date no dentist has ever been so kind and sweet to me. The helper held my hand, the dentist put on music for me and spoke to me the whole time. The injections hurt a little but I could bear them, it wasn't as bad as I thought. Then I was taken to the surgeon. He told me it wont take long, hardly fifteen minutes as long as I was relaxed. While he was using God knows what weird tools, the dentist who injected me was with me holding my hand.
Soon in hardly one minute he pulled out my tooth, in a jiffy. It did not even take two minutes. I was shocked because I wondered how could it be completely painless. Thats so abnormal. It was suppose to hurt (mind you I am not complaining). Anyway finally I was done, in minutes. They all were laughing at me and laughed more when I said I study psychology. So now I am done, will eat ice cream in a bit. I have to have pain killers and they said it may hurt later but it's ok. I think I can handle it. So now one fear is conquered, I am not scared of dentist's anymore. Guess I judged them too fast, they are not that bad. The ones I got today were the best, supportive, kind, understanding and patient. So God, since I promised you, one coconut coming your way in a few days! :)


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