Coconut didnt work :( nor did the secret!

Ok, so I am an ardent follower of The Secret. I believe that we attract whatever comes to us whether good or bad. Apart from a strong belief in the law of attraction I am very religious too. Dont get me wrong, I dont go to the temple everyday or keep stupid fasts, or climb the temple stairs on my knees. All I do is wish for something and tell God that I will "chadao" (give him) one coconut. If my wish is huge then the coconuts range from two to five(taught by my darling grandmom). Once when I went to the dentist I was told that I have a cavity that may lead to root canal. I obviously and naturally panicked the hell out. I hate dentists, their chair, their stupid drills, tools and the shitty magnifying glass that they stuff into the mouth. So thus I told God, that let it be a filling and not a root canal, if thats the case then I will give you five coconuts! And voila!!!!!!!!!! NO ROOT CANAL! It worked! The five coconuts worked, so hence I use this everywhere and this method has never disappointed me, until today happened.
As my previous post states that I have been having a massive tooth ache or lets say mouth ache due to the eruption of my wisdom teeth. Even though I vowed not to go to the dentist I had to visit one today as the pain doesn't seem to go no matter how much ice I rub or I-mol's I take. So there I was at the dentist, all teary eyed. I had my x-rays taken, some OPG shit to see my whole mouth. When the results were in my hand I prayed with all my heart that my teeth are fine. I tried to use the "law of attraction", thought everything positive, repeated sentences like, "my teeth are safe", "my mouth is fine", etc over and over again in my head thus trying to send positive statements into the universe. Along with these thoughts I told God that I will give him one coconut if my x rays are fine and I dont need any extractions.
Thus with one hundred percent faith I took the results to the dentist and waited for her opinion. Turns out my wisdom teeth are impacted or something. The one below is sleeping, and is pushing my lower teeth which are soon going to change their position too. The top tooth is slanted cutting into my cheek. So hence on saturday at 7.45 pm I will be extracting two wisdom teeth. FML. The left side is screwed, and currently the right ones are erupting too but not yet causing a problem so the dentist has told me that we will remove those later. Great. Dentists are so kind and considerate.
So I have to sadly inform myself that coconuts, or positive thoughts dont work. Somethings just happen and I have no choice but to face it. I nearly cried at the dental clinic, no one believed I was 23. Mom is like "act like 23 tannu, what will you do when you have to face much bigger pains" well mom trust me at this minute I will rather face other pains, I dont want some person tugging out the deepest and strongest teeth that are stuck in my jaw! I tried to convince the dentist to give me a general anesthesia and remove out all four, who cares I will be sleeping. But a GA has some high risk or complications or some shit like that! God knows why it's such a big deal. The dentist held my hand and told me to trust her, and that she respects my fear! (YEA RIGHT!!) Well all I can do now is hope that the extraction doesn't hurt, the local anesthesia is enough to not make me feel a thing and I am able to garner the strength to sit on the stupid chair and let them use injections, drills, and the stupid magnifying glass!
Please God, let it not hurt. If its painless I will give you one coconut! :D

Ok, now bye. Will post on saturday or sunday and write about my swollen face and my bloody cotton stuffed mouth.


  1. Awww! You have my sympathies indeed!

  2. gr8 your coconut theory is... i hope it works this time :)

  3. LOL!!!! So thats what it took to make you more realistic!! Haha! :D Poor tanu. Told you, there's no such thing as... well.. you know!

    As for luck, that doesn't exist as well. It's CHANCE. Chance is randomness of the universe. Things happen when they feel like happening, and there's nothing we can do about it. As much as I love coconuts, even those won't save you. :P! LOL! :) Keep writing!

  4. Rohit- maybe not for my wisdom teeth but generally it works out..hopefully it will b painless tom wen i extract.
    Nikhita- I am sure ur very happy :P anyway dude chance luck fate everythin exists ok!! Its d perception!


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