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One is never too old to want toys!

Well hello, its 10:45 pm and for the past two days I have been meaning to write about my favorite toys as a child. I know, I know its really absurd that a 23 year old girl wants to write about toys when there are other important things happening around the world like cricket, raids, murders and what not. But my blog is never known for anything serious, in fact I hate writing about anything important like the "world happenings", or sports, or give my opinions on worthless matters that no one else really cares about. Anyway I am digressing as usual, coming back to my favorite toys. Recently while chilling with my brother Karan at night we suddenly remembered the marvelous Tamagotchi! I dont know how many people knew about it, but it was hell hell hell popular when I was a child. I had a bight yellow Tamagotchi. Now for those who dont know what a Tamagotchi is, here's a brief. Tamagotchi was this sexy toy launched by the chinki people (chinese, japanese, korean, God knows) which took Mumbai, actually I dont know, just my building I guess, by rage!! It was this gadget, key chain looking toy that was a VIRTUAL PET!! Fabulous right!! Karan and me always wanted a dog, and since that time, we couldn't get one, so thus bought the Tamagotchi. Check out the picture, my tamagotchi looked exactly like that, the second image. So well I had a pet dog. We can feed the dog, it shits after eating hence we have to clean it, then the dog sleeps if he's tired, theres an heart option that's to pet the dog, we can play fetch with the dog. It was just super duper!!

The funniest part was everyday it turned a year older!! hahhaaha. There's a reset button if you want your pet to be a puppy again. Anyway I was very happy with my virtual pet dog, and I actually adored him. I took him to school, slept with the toy under my pillow and then one fine day just to see the effects of water I dipped the toy into a bucket. I know, I am crazy. That's the only explanation to what I did. God know's what went wrong with me. I remember once shouting at my mom when we had a fight "mom I love tamagotchi more than you", she slapped me. Kids are weird right! Trust me I am not that lame anymore. Karan the great had a white Tamagotchi that had 127 options for pets. While I had a dog, he could choose between reptiles, dolphins, turtles, dinosaurs and countless other animals, birds and what not. I remember he was so excited when his pet (some animal I think turtle or dino, one of them) turned a year old he was so excited. Just in one day, he was so happy. The very same day, the bugger annoyed me for some reason hence I reset his tamagotchi. hehehehe...I am mean! He cried and complained to Mom. Brothers!!

Ok, so then after I spoilt my toy by dipping it in water, I decided to save up money, it was for 300ish bucks I guess, and I bought another one. But this time I bought a Digimon!

See the image! It was this crazy ass Tamagotchi, but digimon was this character that looked like a dino, I had to train him for battle! Thus I had to feed, train, make him exercise and then battle it out with some other character. This I admit was a waste because I got bored in few days. I mean what's the point of feeding, exercising and then battle man! I'll rather have a normal tamagotchi just to feed, and play. So then over time I think I lost it or it got spoilt and my Tamagotchi craze was over. Then I discovered another toy that I have wanted all my life and now even though I am 23 years I still want it! It's like a childhood wish that I need to fulfill. So here it is, I want a Pocket Polly!!

In my building, all the girls had it, but since I had wasted so much money on Tamagotchi, Digimon and what not, Mom didn't buy me the pocket polly. See the image, most will think it's gay but it's too too too too cute.

Cute right!! I have this weird fascination for miniature objects maybe because I am tiny myself. I love Barbie sets, small kitchen sets, jewelry kits etc etc. Thus I loved the idea of Pocket Polly. It was this mini set with a house inbuilt, with a kitchen and a tiny figurine to play with. Sadly I didn't get it, but well it's ok, one day I'll go buy it!

So this is it, just wanted to ramble about toys!! Peace. :D


  1. you are not getting that stupid toy in my house :)


    1. hahahahahaha...yea rite! Mom, one fine day a pocket polly is coming home! :P


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