Practical fail.

I drink coconut water everyday. It's one healthy habit I have developed in my otherwise crazy messed up life. Every morning my nice big coconut is delivered at my door step and when I wake up "araaam se" at any sweet time that I prefer (Dad I know you hate this), I have my tea and then sip on my coconut water.
Why is coconut water good for you?
1- It has some "good" minerals.
2- It cools your system.
3- Improves the skin!
That's all I think, oh! and it tastes good. I love everything to do with coconut. I love to eat it, I love coconut oil, I love bounty, I love anything and everything about coconut. Anyway coming to the point of my article, as usual I wake up, and after tea I open my coconut. Mind you, it was a Saturday thus dad was home. (Pivotal part of my article) When I sip the water, my face changes. From a happy well slept person face, it changes to a wtf face. I exclaim "what's up with this, it tastes like water". Assuming that the coconut is spoiled I throw it in the bin, in my mind screaming that I am going to wake up early the next day and can the "coconutwalas" ass. My maid and me were abusing the coconut guy deciding on tactics as to how to shout at him and what to say blah blah.

Now a little flashback, Dad gets really annoyed when I drink the coconut late. According to him, the health benefits will only apply if I wake up early and drink the coconut water otherwise it wont. No logic actually but then dad has been trying various reasons for years to make sure I wake up early, sadly none have worked so far. So for the past few days, he had been getting annoyed and I was suppose to drink the water as soon as I woke up, that too early. Anyway just to make him happy that very day I woke up early (9 am, cant do better than that) just to drink the water which turned out to be spoiled.

So back to the point, I went to my parent's room to "chill", I love family time and relaxing with my family though 90 percent it's only lectures about my "future". So while chilling with them, Dad slyly asks me "paani peyli kaa" (did you drink the water?) I got all charged, one day to prove dad wrong that look! your daughter woke up and first thing is she drank(a sip) the water,
but then the coconut was spoiled, it tasted like water. That's when mom and dad burst out and it turned out that my darling father already drank the coconut water, re filled it with normal water and sealed the cover tightly again. This prank was done to teach me a "so called" lesson. Haha.

Well that's dad. I mean drinking the coconut and filling it with water for your daughter. EPIC! My dad's thinking is hell constructive, I mean heights of "keedapanti". In a time where fathers are busy with work, having no time for family, my father in fact plays practical jokes. He had the excitement of a child. His eyes were shining and was sneakily laughing at his daughter.

It was really funny actually, hence today I decided to do the same thing to him. I woke up early (9am), drank the water and both my maids suddenly got excited and told me to fill it up with water. I am like yess!! revenge time! So after sealing it again, I wait for my mouse to get trapped. I hear Dad screaming in the background somewhere "Tanvi paaani pii" (drink the water). So I tell him No, I am feeling sick and he should have it today. So he told the maids to give him the coconut water. It was going perfect, till suddenly my silly maids freaked out and sold me out! Dad's face expression was as if he had just freed Tibet. He started laughing since my joke failed so bad. I shouted at my maids, they were like he's going to work why spoil his mood. Losers just freaked out man!

Anyway I failed today, but Dad watch out, one fine day I am going to get you!


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