We no need doctor.

I have been very sick for the past three days. Had a crazy party with my family which then led to a crazy body system resulting in stomach aches, nausea, dizziness constant puking (gross I know) and well along with it, my mood swings. Been on meds, "home" food and lot of liquids (non-alcoholic of course). Anyway point is I saw two awesome movies last two days. Being sick has certain good consequences, I get to rest all day, watch good movies and most importantly, lot of love from mom. So, first I saw The Vow. Amazing, awesome, sweet, heart warming, basically I want to use all the mushy cute words I know to describe this movie. Rachel McAdams and Channin Tatum, act in this love story. The wife loses her memory in an accident, and her husband has to win her heart back and make her fall in love with him all over again.
This movie somehow managed to cure my sickness and made me feel better again. Guess I am just a sucker for love stories even though I dont believe in love. The other movie I saw was Kahaani. Vidya Balan again managed to stun people with her performance and a compact script. The way Kolkata is shown, the background scores, the music, direction, etc everything was superb. I enjoyed every minute of my movie, only problem was that my brain kind off froze as the AC was right over my head, actually this happened to Mom also but she was too engrossed in her caramel popcorn.
Hence two movies down, here I am all cured from my illness and updating my blog. Boards are up in few days and I need to start studying. I swear I will start tomorrow, I swear swear swear.
Oh!! and I am making chocolate brownies tomorrow, another "Laura in the kitchen" recipe. I forgot to update that my cake was decent. That's the word Dad used so I am guessing it was ok. He still feels I need to practice to perfect it, so hence brownies tomorrow, which is kind off like cake so well, same thing. I dont want to keep making vanilla sponge again and again.
Ok then, hope the brownies are good, and pray that I study.
Peace. :)


  1. Tanvi, I am sure the cake turned out to be amazing and your dad said that you need practice so that you continue to bake cakes and brownies every day and he gets to eat them. I would have done the same if I were in his place .:P - Tanmay

  2. hahahahaahaha....well if u look at it that way then guess ur right! :D


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