Letters to Juliet.

Love. This one word around which everything in life revolves. Does it really exist, I wonder, but guess it's time I let go of my attitude of a wanna-be realist and accept the fact that Love is all around us. I agree everything is very practical today, and the relationships of our generation are getting fragile every minute. One side, we shout from the top of the mountain that we are in love, and the next second, we are with someone else. Loyalty, commitment, kindness, are all just words used by people who are alone, those who are waiting and waiting. Whereas the more practical ones are having their fun, moving from people to people, enjoying life but still, they too are seeking it even if they don't agree.

Last night, I saw the movie, Letters to Juliet. It revolves around the simple concept of love. Clair, an aspiring writer goes for a pre honeymoon trip with her self involved fiance to a small town in Italy. While her fiance is off doing his own thing, Clair finds a small lane where women come and stick letters on a wall talking about love, loss and broken hearts. The letters are then collected by four women who are the secretaries of Juliet, and they reply back to these women. This happens everyday. They gave their life to answering these women, instilling faith in love and fulfilling their purpose in life. Clair befriends them, and while helping them out she comes upon a letter hidden in the rocks by a woman, 50 years back. The woman had come to Italy from London, fallen in love with a man named Lorenzo, and within few days both had decided to get married. But the day they were to run away and marry, she fled since she wasn't brave enough to follow her heart and feared her parent's approval of Lorenzo. Clair writes back to the woman, who then turns up with her grandson in Italy to give love another chance, find her Lorenzo and apologize. The movie then moves around the journey of finding Lorenzo and sheds light on the emotions of love.

A great movie to watch, hence I am not writing what happens in it. The movie made me ponder over the depth behind love. Is it possible to be in love after 50 years? Does love really have an expiry date? Can love happen in a moment of few seconds or it takes years and what people say these days that one has to "know" the person? And if we really fall in love, will we today do whatever it takes to keep it alive?

I don't know much about love, but all I know now is that it's everywhere, and those who are lucky to have it, don't let go of it. Love is also entwined with destiny though many may not agree. If your meant to end up with someone, even if that person is miles away from you, they will find a way back to you when the time has come. So here's to love.


  1. Nicely put. :) Makes me want to watch this film. How have you been Tanvi?

  2. thanks!! ive been good...hope ur doing well too :))


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