Sketch Much?

As my blog shows, I have varied obsessions every two months. I suddenly write, or randomly cook. This time I renewed my passion for sketching and I am hoping it lasts for as long as possible as I am happiest doing it. My sketches are not still life, scenic or portraits, but are in fact intricate abstract black and white patterns. It takes me couple of hours to finish, but they feel like minutes for me. I have never been this engrossed in anything, well except Harry Potter. Anyway moving on, here is some of my work.

 The above is my latest. I couldn't study yesterday, so just sketched away. Its an abstract floral pattern made with different black nibs.I love everything to do with flowers and butterflies. Somehow I put them into most of my drawings. The one below is inspired from an artist Marco Vega, who has done some phenomenal work. I don't know if he's well known, he has videos on Youtube but no images or websites. His sketches are more intricate and massive in size! So I took inspiration and drew this. It took me a whole day, I was so exhausted post this drawing that I didn't sketch for a week.

 The below three are some of my other designs. I experimented with colors, but I prefer sticking to plain black and white patterns.

So, hopefully I should sketch always and never stop. *Fingers crossed* My complete work is displayed on facebook if anyone wants to see. Or you can just click on the above pictures.


  1. I love the last one...very intricate :) Keep up the good work Tanvi!


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