What did my Harry ever do to you?

I am a sucker for Harry Potter. The books, movies (only first three), merchandise, video games, websites, fan stories, etc, etc, etc. The Potter craze started when I was in the fourth std, so guess I was 9 years old and even today 14 years later I am still crazy. So this is true love!

Now I have read each HP book around twenty five times, actually more. (seriously). This is the level of my craze. It's a book I read when I am happy, sad, depressed, and angry. My love is so strong, that I hated anyone even touching my books. But alas, love comes with an expiry date. Dad, Mom and my maid (beat that), cannot see my happiness. They despise Harry and cannot see us together. So since the past few years, they have hidden all my HP books all over the house. Under the beds, over the kitchen cabinets, between the cutlery, suitcases above the cupboard and various other dark places! I found most of them, but my victory was short lived.

They hid them again.

Now I have no idea where they are. If only I could do "Accio HP books", but sadly I dont have a wand. I found the 5th book, Order of Phoenix few days back, been reading that but now it's over. And I am badly craving the Half Blood Prince (sounds weird). So here I am, rambling about my Harry who is hidden somewhere. Dad and Mom, what did Harry do to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are mean!!

My friend in USA respects my love for Harry, he even bought me a Griffindor Scarf which is the original merchandise. How cool is that!! I know many may feel that I can just download the ebooks, but that sucks! Best part about books is when you can hold them, lie on the bed and peacefully read. Why would I strain my eyes for an ebook!

Why doesn't Hogwarts really exist? Why isn't there a Honeydukes selling cockroach clusters, fizzing whizzbees, sugar quills, crystallized pineapple and chocolate frogs. Why no Three Broomsticks, where I can go have butterbeer. Why no floo powder, why no Diagon Alley!!!!!!!Life is unfair!

If only Harry world existed, the world would have been a better place. Wow, how sad am I?? Guess studying so many disorders for my Abnormal Psychology paper due in 4 days has taken it's toll. Have you guys checked out Pottermore. Its a cooollll site!! I got sorted into Hufflepuff (sick) but now what to do. But plus point- Cedric (even though he's dead). You can live the chapters, play games, whip up potions(which I sucked at), an absolutely fab site! And whoever thinks that HP is for kids and not for adults, then go to hell.

Dad and Mom, I will be purchasing all seven books again!!!
Love you Harry. Peace.


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