The Day The Chakka Ran...

Another silly life incident, thanks to an eunuch. Now this had occurred when I was in school. Generally the bus would drop me at my stop and I had to walk a little to reach my building. I got down at the stop and started walking. I was walking, walking, umm, walking. And ahead I saw an eunuch. You people should know that I hate them, they scare me, they hit me, and what not. So obviously I was small, and scared as hell. While walking I thought let me slowly stay behind, let it walk ahead, and I will not be noticed. Sadly at that very moment, the eunuch decided to pee. So at the edge of the lane the eunuch sat (gross), and I am wondering, "what should I do, should I hide behind somewhere...". So my great tiny mind decided to run! Hence a tiny girl, with the biggest, heaviest bag on her back, ran for her life. Now the twist, the eunuch was done peeing, it saw me run and suddenly I hear a loud voice, "AYE CHORII", and as I turn, I see a sight that scared the living daylights out of me. The eunuch was running behind me! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

Ok, so what the hell is her/her (it's) problem! Leave me alone! I ran, ran ran for miles and miles (exaggerating)! And the eunuch wouldn't stop! I am like "Bhagwan! help". The watchman from a random building on the way saw the sight. He shouted at the eunuch and told it to leave me alone. I was crying my eyes out. I mean obviously, a poor child with a heavy bag, was chased down a lane by an eunuch. What had I ever done to anyone to deserve that!!

So I reach home, cry, cry and cry. Then my eyes fell on a bag of chips, salted flavor Lays to be precise! Yay! The world is a better place again. I ate the chips, laughed off this incident and years later, today I am writing about it. I am generally very derogative when it comes to eunuchs. I feel bad for them at times, but they are really horrendous. Once an eunuch screamed at me " aye heroineeeee, paisa de naa". :O My poor brother too was scared shitless when an eunuch said "paisa de varna pappi".(give me money or i will kiss you). Dude what the hell. I do sometimes give them money when I need blessings to pass an exam or something, but still somewhere deep wait..not deep down..I am still very very very scared of them. Did you know they are not considered to be citizens of India, as they don't have a gender. That's sad, but then I dont care. You chased a tiny girl down the lane.



  1. read the entire blog..u truly do have a tiny mind..the only thing i agree with is the LAYS....yay...i must say girl untangle yourself..eunuch's will never stop wid AYE CHORI..i suggest u try n tell them to F.O.!!loln be confident..and for your brother tell him to touch his chest with his right hand,bow his head n say sorry and will work like a charm...

    1. Hi. :) well il definitely tell them to FO if im ever bothered again :) Thanks for reading.

  2. Happened with me as well, I was at Bandra, Hill road signal and this eunuch came running to me and asked for some money, i tried closing the window of my car but this guy was so desperate that he literaly got his head inside the car and said "Chikne pesa de de warna pappi milegi", I said, bhai yaa behn jo bhi ho tum, kuch bhi karna pappi mat dena, warna zindagi me kabhi is gaal pe koi ladki pappi nhi degi mujhe aur meri is barbadi k responsible tum rahoge" though i gave him 20 rupees then, but that eunuch was drunk and scary. i could feel that beer smell from his/her mouth, yukkkkkk

    Also, not sure if you know this but many eunuch in our city are not actually eunuch, they are males who dress like them to exploit money from people. there are was story in TOI regarding such gangs. So better beware.

    In your style "PEACE" ;)


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