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Mr White Coat

It was a sunny morning, the marketplace buzzed around with loud noises, tiny fights, haggling and aromas of different food cooking in the stalls. Zaveri Bazaar started at exactly eight in the morning and went around till eleven at night. Businesses soared there, and everyday new people migrated to start something and earn an income to survive. Hence one could find an assortment of objects for sale, varying according to the States. Even in food, you could find Bengali sweets, fish fry, Gujrati curries, and what not.

In the midst of all this, was a tiny cafe called Diamond Cafe. It looked dilapidated, shady to some extent, yet it swarmed with people night and day. It had started with breakfast, but as business mounted the fat owner expanded into lunch, evening snacks and dinner. Yet the fat man didn't feel like wasting money on improving the seating and ambiance. So the Diamond Cafe was a small place, with few rickety tables and smelly chairs. Tea, coffee, juices was served in unclean glasses, and the plates were cracked on the edges. People didn't seem to mind. They ate and drank with gutso.

The fat owner tired of handling everything alone kept his daughter as the cashier. She had just completed her Bcom with second class. So proud he was. In a family where daughters were just made to cook and then marry off, he was the exception. He had made her a graduate. His body fat seemed to glow with pride. Perhaps the lack of son made him raise his only daughter like one. The day she started work, Mr White Coat entered the shabby cafe. She watched him in awe. Well shaven, tall, clean clothes didn't seem to fit in the dirty cafe. Mr White Coat ordered for filter coffee and an egg fry. She guessed he must be in his late thirties, perhaps he is a theater actor. She didn't know why she was so curious about Mr White Coat. She built stories around him, maybe he had a wife who left him, so he had no choice but to eat breakfast in a small cafe. Did he have a child? The child must look good. She imagined her life if she were with him. Soon it was a ritual. Mr White Coat came in everyday, ordered his coffee and egg fry. He ate and left. All this while she watched him. Tomorrow she would talk, but when he passed the counter, her mouth would be sealed.

A week passed by. Finally today she decided she would say a word. She dressed up carefully in her best sari. Adorned her hair with Mogras. Her fat father watched, but didn't question. So she waited, but Mr White Coat was late. Time went by, people ate lunch, snacks, and dinner. He didn't come. Next day too he wasn't there. Did something happen to Mr White Coat? Days went, but her heart didn't stop waiting. One day the fat man told her that it's time for her to get married. The boy was a CA, had his own business, and she could help him out. The marriage was decided, dates were out, cards printed.

As for Mr White Coat, he was never seen again.


  1. I think you have a real flair for righting these uber-short fictional pieces. You should build up a collection. Maybe have a blog devoted solely to them?

    Really good short reads.

  2. Hey! wow..u really think so :) thanks a lot! yea in a process of buildin a collection :) lets see how it pans out..

  3. Yup! Go for it!

    *writing* (I was a little sleepy =/)

    1. Guess i was sleepy and didn't notice :P imagine karan's expression though. Anyway made a new blog :D


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