Say It Out Loud

Say it out loud,
That you feel this too,
I know I am not mad,
To say this soon.

Say it out loud,
That you'll hold me close,
Wrap yourself around me,
I am your daily dose.

Say it out loud,
That you will come for me,
Brush my hair aside,
Promise you wont leave.

Say it out loud,
You can't wait to see,
How it will turn out,
For you and me.

Say it out loud,
You will stand by me,
Difficulties arise,
Which I know you see.

Say it out loud,
You will fight for me,
People will talk,
We shall let it be.

Say it out loud,
You will kiss me everyday,
Time will stop,
Night and day.

Say it out loud,
All this you agree,
Our love shall grow,
Like a blossoming tree.

Say it out loud,
You will watch me sleep,
Forever and always,
Never let me weep.

Say it out loud,
That we talk whole time,
Even if our paths,
May not always rhyme.

Say it out loud,
You will never let me go,
Even if I am angry,
Come back on tip toe.

Say it out loud,
No matter what they think,
In a little while,
Our fate will wink.



  1. A very beautiful poem with tender feelings which would definitely bring tears to the eyes of sensitive readers. I congratulate you for writing such a cute poem in such a short time since you started writing poems. Do go on writing and I am sure one day you will make a mark in the field of literature.
    Awba (Yeshwant Karnik).

    1. Awba! Thank you so much. Means a lot you actually read, came online and commented. :))


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