A Series Of Crazy Events.

Well, I am suddenly really active on my blog, hoping this fever lasts long. Anyway I have been meaning to write these two events that happened in my life sometime ago. It's honestly funny, but would seem funnier if you witnessed it. Now Dad and me once were off to Hyper City for grocery shopping. Just a point, I love grocery shopping, pulling those carts along the aisles and putting whatever I want in the huge cart! So coming back to my point, on our way suddenly at the Lokhandwala bridge right in front of us a massive argument had broken out between a "rickshawala" and a bus driver. The rick guy was some young fellow, hot tempered, whereas the bus guy was this old feeble man who had such thick glasses that I could see his big round eyes, sitting in the car.

Now as they were fighting, the bus guy through his window was shouting and the rick guy standing down was screaming up. Hope you guys can form the image. So Dad and me, stumped, were just looking. What else can we do you know. When any such fights, or random shit happens in Mumbai, people just watch. I know it's not something to be proud of, but sometimes it's smarter to just watch, than interfere. So as we were looking at the scene, the most weird and random thing happened. Now generally when people fight, they shout, curse, punch, hit, kick, lets say even poke! But no no no no...this rick guy was above all this. He just climbed the wheel to reach the bus guy's window and snatched the driver's glasses off his face.

I mean Wow. I still don't have any words for this. So as Dad and me watched the scene, the rick guy took the glasses, sat in his rickshaw and scampered away! So the poor old driver is just sitting in the bus, wondering what to do. Trust me I know what would that old guy be feeling! It's a crazy world out there without glasses!! So we called the police, and more than anything complained that the poor old man is left stranded without his glasses on a huge bus in the middle of the bridge!! This incident made me wonder, people are weird. What fighting strategies are used these days. Anyway moral of the story, make contacts mandatory!

Second incident:
Since I am absurd in a way, absurd things continue to happen. After my terminal exam once, on my way home in a rick I was nicely chatting away to glory on my cell. Suddenly at a signal, a school boy, poor actually I noticed just randomly got in. I freaked out naturally and told the driver to tell him to get off. But the driver is like "jaanedo madam lift chahiye" (kid wants a lift). Fine I said. Seeing me approve, the kid called more people, and before I know, four more kids cramped up into my rick! Well again I had no words! I am just stuffed to one side, with five little kids next to me who wanted a lift to the next bus stop. People around were just looking (typical Mumbai), so anyway I continued chatting away to glory and dropped them off. Well atleast they smiled and said thank you didi! Who doesn't want to help others. Didn't mind when this happened, but well children cramping up inside my rick wasn't what I was expecting on a normal exam day.

Oh! I know I was just going to write two incidents, but my rickshaw anecdotes never seem to end. So I was in Bandra waiting for a rick. I found one, got in and as it went ahead, hardly say one minute to be precise it punctured. Obviously I had to get out, another rick passing by saw what happened, stopped and took me in. So, happy at finding another rick so fast, I was going ahead when "hardly say one minute to be precise" my current rick punctured too. What are the odds? And my "sweet" rick guy tells me "Madam aap jis rick mein baithte ho woh puncture ho jaata hai" So the rick guy feels that whichever rick I sit in gets punctured! Is he freaking kidding me!! Am I to be blamed for the pointy things lying on the roads of India!

 Well, got a third rick that day. Thankfully that didn't puncture...anyway all these rick madness keeps happening to me. Either my rick stops working in the middle of the traffic filled road, or the police stop my rick to randomly check my driver's license, or suddenly the driver wants to pee! I am seriousss!! Once a rick guy stopped outside a loo, which I didn't know was a loo and stupidly I asked "kya hua", mad fellow actually replied saying "Madam peeshab karna hai"!!!!!!!! WTF moment in my life. But well these stupid things make life funny actually. I was careful while handing him the money though (obvious reasons).

I have more of such absurd incidents to report. Shall write more when I remember, or say when more of these things happen in my life, which I am sure, will.


  1. Nice Pic for Thief of Spectacles.. :)
    n Guess second Ricks driver thought of it as a Startup line to impress u. Aap hawa nikal deti hai :P

    1. Abhishek Vyas- hahahha...thanks. :) n no..mein hawa nahi nikalti..lol... thanks for reading tho...

    2. haha..who knows :)
      anyways nicely written..keep it up :)


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