The Stars, twinkle in fours.

Let's see what life has in store,
Hoping it will, be a roar.
The stars will soon, twinkle in fours,
This is what, predicts my core.

Life in a way, has been sweet,
Prim and proper, cute and neat.
Happy thoughts, in my heart seep,
Why am I, thinking this deep.

The bird on a tree, makes a sound,
Praying his love, will be found.
One fine day, the cry falls down,
When his love, wears her crown.

The brown long hair, falls off her face,
Happily she soon, starts to pace.
Round and round, she joyfully sways,
She knows, she will be taken away.

Peacefully for now, she lies in bed,
Thousands of roses surround her in red.
Seven colors of the rainbow shine,
Enough being said, she goes to dine.



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