The clock struck seven. She knew he will soon come home. The pot was steaming with onion soup, his favorite. Usually, she is not this worked up when he's coming, but today was important. She stirred the soup, time went by. The whole while she wondered the way she was going to frame the sentence. The bell rang. He entered and sat at the table.
"Susan, I need to talk to you",
 Susan waited. The conversation got over in two minutes. Ironic how a two year marriage could get over in two minutes. He said he did not love her anymore. He wanted to leave. He didn't feel the same these days. The passion, love, craze, everything seemed to have evaporated.

Susan watched in silence. What could she say? If he didn't love her anymore, what was the point. She would not force him to stay if he didn't love her. Susan felt numb. It happens, when there is a point in life where for a moment all emotions are sucked out of you. It's like your existence is in a vacuum. 

Susan watched him pack his bags and leave. He gave her the house as a token for sharing his bed for two years. He left, Susan looked at the door. For a second she hoped he would stop, if not for her then for......
Susan didn't tell him. After he left, she slept off. When she woke up, her eyes fell on the report lying on the bedside table. She had just found out yesterday.
It said positive.


  1. positive or negative...that should not matter...did she want him to stay?????????thats the question..everythin else is an excuse..if she really wanted him to stay .. ...nothin would have kept her from stoppin him.....

    1. Hey. Well Susan was a woman who didn't feel a point to continue either if the love was lost. She didn't want him to stay if he didn't love her. Which is why she didnt fight to make him stay.

  2. so you'r saying ego triumphs love...????
    is that the moral????

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. See, it depends on the perception..but that's not the moral. Letting go is also love right.


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