Their lives.

I went to Town the other day with my friend Riti. I rarely go that far when I am out, always preferring to stay in my own area, for benefits like less travel, more comforts, etc. Riti, or let me say Bhopinder (she's gonna get pissed), decided on going to shop in Colaba and Bandra, for which we had to take a train. She held my hand the whole way like a child, because just two minutes at the counter line for tickets, I was pushed thrice. Plus I am not a hatta katta punju like Miss Bhopinder to push people back!

Anyway, we boarded the train, surprisingly it wasn't as bad as I had imagined it to be. It was pleasant, not much crowd and obviously it saves a lot of time. As we were sitting, one thing that struck me was the varied people traveling with us. We had young girls, old women, married women, mothers with annoying children, mothers with quiet children, woman with mangoes, girls studying, girls staring at us and I can continue naming.

I remember as a child, and even today, I love observing people. It could be any random stranger walking on the road, but for some reason I liked to watch them, and wonder what their life was, what are they thinking, what are they going through at this very moment. I would watch women, an expression of annoyance etched on them. I build stories around them, maybe they were housewives, going home, tired and bored of their routine, having to cook food for their husbands, in laws and God knows how many others living with them. Are they happy in life, I wondered. I would watch the men, driving their cars, coming home from work. What was their story? Are they going back to their wives? Or are they going to meet their friends? Are they sole earners supporting a huge family, or are they bachelors living independently, enjoying life?

So coming back to my train story. I watched the women sitting in our compartment. There at the door we saw a woman, young, in her twenties for sure, dressed in formals. She was talking on the phone and crying. Riti and me noticed at the same time. Perhaps just like me, she too liked observing. Our instant reaction was that she is crying because of a man. Pretty biased and judgmental, I know. But then ninety percent problems women have today can be in some way connected to men. Well that's just my opinion, nothing personal. Nor have I got anything against men. So Riti and me came up with stories. We wondered what has gone wrong with her. Is her boyfriend breaking up with her? Or maybe she wants to get married but her family is objecting? Or, probably we are completely wrong and something random must have occurred. That's the beauty of life I guess. So many things, more than a billion things are happening all around us. The magnitude of life is sometimes so scary. I really wonder how people connect life to something scientific. Life is the biggest miracle ever.

At this minute while I am writing, so many things are happening somewhere around the whole world. Someone is getting married, someone must be falling in love, someone is nursing a broken heart, someone is coping with loss, someone must be the happiest person, someone is going through the most painful experience of giving birth, someone is being born, someone is having the time of their life, someone is dancing, someone is eating, someone is writing and updating their blog! What is all this? Isn't it awesome when you think and wonder what's happening? And when I sit here, I wonder, is someone thinking the same thing? Is anyone thinking about the curiosities of life like me?



  1. Very well-written... you know one writes well when that person writes things that many others think themselves, without knowing!


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