Walking Ahead.

Walking on the beach,
Immersed in one thought,
Calmness and peace around me,
All the pain was fought.

For a while I walked ahead,
Rested serenely on a rock,
Watched the sky change,
Like feathers of a peacock.

My mind was overshadowed,
With strings of bright and dull,
Crashing waves of the white shore,
Called me with a lull.

As I looked above,
I noticed a sudden shine,
Time passed one by one,
The stars arranged in line.

Surrounded by every side,
I still felt so alone,
All swift colors of the cream,
Melted off the sweet cone.

The missing piece of my heart,
One day shall be found,
My soul glides around all day,
Like a racing hound.

I look beyond the horizon,
What comes after the edge?
The time I have to wait,
Has caused a slight wedge.

I embark on a journey,
It can lead to love or hurt,
Life is a little uncertain,
I shall have to be curt.

The ships in the sea,
Sparkle out the light,
Only time will answer,
If the threads of love are tight.



  1. A very good beginning. Will look forward to more from you.

  2. A beautiful poem full of inner feelings. Tanvi, go ahead. Read and write. One day you will be able to make a mark in the field of literature.
    Awba (Grandpa - Yeshwant Karnik)


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