A wish.

Couldn't resist. I have some crazy weak point for Solitaire rings. Everyone close to me knows my craze about rings. Its an annoying habit actually because I unconsciously see the size of diamonds on the rings others wear. It's freaky.
So I wish one fine day, I get a Solitaire. I will buy it after my initial wishes are complete, which are buying all the Harry Potter series and a Pocket Polly. Actually I don't mind the ring before these wishes are fulfilled. :D

I found these pretty rings on Pinterest. I love that site. So thought I would put them up.

Hmmm, so that's all about Solitaires. I saw Avengers today!! waaaattttt aaaaa movieeee!!! :D :D Super sexy! In love with Hulk!! Iron Man and Hulk killed it. They make the movie worth watching. Even Thor rocked. Captain America is useless. Without his stupid shield he's gonna die!

So people please watch the Avengers. Waiting for the next one where they will include Spideyyyyyy!


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