Me, him and the Naked Man.

So here's another mad incident from my mad life. This must have occurred few years ago, it includes me, my best friend Vibhu and the Naked Sardar. So it must be around 4am, wee hours of morning, pitch darkness. My room is nice, cool, Karan is sleeping, its dark. The only sound I can hear is the ceiling fan, oh! and of course Vibhu. He was on the phone. So we both are always talking, that too at any odd time. There are times when I purposely call him at 5am, to disturb his sleep, and poor thing actually talks to me and watches the sun rise. That particular day, he had disturbed me at 4am, so the binding contract of friendship under the state of Maharashtra states that I am also suppose to talk to him, no matter what.

Anyway, so while talking generally, I look outside my window. Now for those who don't know, my house has the most terrible network ever. I only get network in my bedroom, and kitchen that too if I am literally outside the window. The solution to my network problem according to Veebz the Dumb is "buy a new house". I am not a rich Marwadi from Mewad Rajasthan like u, loser!

So we are talking, and talking more, when I see that the balcony door on the first floor opens. Now who is coming out in the cold at 4am in the balcony!! My building is dark, not a single flat has light, everyone is peacefully sleeping, but well well well, someone woke up and has come into the balcony. So the door opens, and a Sardarji, wearing nothing but a tight underwear (not even boxers) comes out!! I mean generally a normal person should laugh, but I was just ummm...shocked, stumped, speechless to be precise. Why would any man, come out in the cold, at 4am wearing just his tight underwear, navy blue in color (vision is super in my glasses).  And to make matters more crazy, he wasn't wearing his turban. So here comes a man,with wavy long...long longgggg black hair in his navy blue undy.


I obviously tell Veebz. What else to do. Ironic part is that no one actually lives in that flat. I have seen people in that house only twice during my 12 years of stay in Rajdoot. The twice, includes the naked sardar as well. Vibhu laughed, naturally and has concluded that I am a pervert who likes to stalk and watch naked men from my window. So now I am a little pervert, and the founder of "naked men watch group".

Unusual reputation I have garnered in my life. Well, so that's life.

PS- It was a traumatizing visual. I am scarred for life. 


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