He came suddenly in my life. Never thought that a bundle of great joy was on the way to enter my life, sitting in a green basket, wrapped in a white blanket, smelling of milk.

Toulouse is a Basset Hound, now two years old. We had a dog before him, his name was Gorgan. A huge doberman, stark brown and amazingly beautiful. Sadly we had to give him away. That was one of the most difficult time my family and I have ever faced. That was the day I knew what loss was. We had vowed never to keep another pet. But then Toulouse was meant to come.

Toulouse is named after the French artist Toulouse Lautrec. The name was Dad's choice, different and unique. Now I feel no other name can define him better. So let me start by how Toulouse came home. Mom was playing Farmville on Facebook. Apparently she had a Basset Hound guarding her farm, and following her character around. Randomly at two in the night, she tells us, "I don't mind another pet, but it has to be a Basset Hound, see how cute they are!".

So Karan and me, jump up at the opportunity, woke Dad up and announce that "Mom wants a dog".

I research on Google, click the first link, and save the number. Next day, Dad makes the call, transfers the money and Toulouse is on his way!! Mom just watches us. Incredulity etched all over her face. The breeder sends us the pictures of the puppies. There were many, in grey, black, brown but we wanted a honey colored pup (Mom's farmville doggie).

 The above are the first pictures of Toulouse, sent to us by the breeder. My first reaction was that why the hell has he held my baby like that!! Guess in an instant I had fallen in love. He was mine, just mine. It's weird that one can love something so much and that too so fast, without even first meeting the puppy. Guess love can happen in seconds. I went mad waiting for him to come home. The process took four days. I had to wait four long long days for my baby to come to me.

The love I already felt was crazy. I looked at his pictures day and night. I have never waited for anything this much, ever. Finally the day arrived. My Darling came from Bangalore, then Nerul and finally by bus was brought to me in his green basket. My gangly pup wasn't fed well since it was a long travel ahead. I opened the basket, he instantly jumped. I was the first to be licked. He loves me the most. Imprinted is the right word (Twilight readers will understand).

He had come home.

He was so tired that he instantly slept off in Mom's lap and then we took him to the vet for his vaccinations. In the shop I went ballistic, bought him so many toys, food and treats. I wasn't suppose to give him all that, but then that wasn't a good enough reason to stop me from buying him all awesome dog stuff. I have still kept his first collar carefully. Its a very special iconic memory for me. Puppies are suppose to have Cerelac for food. The cannot digest milk. He had nine bowls at home!! Courtesy- Mom.

At night he couldn't sleep. I stayed up whole night, so that he could peacefully sleep in my lap. As soon as I kept him in his bed, he would wake up again and crawl back into my lap. I didn't mind. Love is crazy. It messes you're sleep and its totally worth it!

I guess I have completely spoilt him. My love, possessiveness, protectiveness and every other possible emotion, has pampered him to no extent. He is now a brat. The pictures above were of his first birthday. He is born on April 1st. Truly a fool!! I had ordered a Butterscotch cake for him. He was so confused with the attention he was getting.

Anyway, I can go on and on about him. He is the cure to everything in my life. Good mood, bad mood, he is there.

Thats all. Just felt like writing about him.


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