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A day and an evening.

I honestly hate reading romance novels. According to me they are stupid, pathetic and fake. It creates a fallacy in the thought processes of people and makes them believe in unrealistic love. I had tried reading  a love story once. In a day I finished, annoyed at every word in that book. My choice in books is slightly off. On one hand I read fantasy books like Harry Potter and Twilight, which make me feel happy as its a temporary escape from the harsh world we live in, and on the other hand I read the tales of women suffering in the Middle East, their varied culture and lives. My choice of books fluctuates between these extremities. If I am bugged and overwhelmed with the reality, I suddenly sit and read comics.

Anyway my point of today's update is to write the review of two books that I read in the last two days. One of the book I was reading is called "The petty details of so and so's life". Being in a bad mood recently, the book added fuel to the fire. It caused my mood to deteriorate more as it was a realistic, sad, and is the screwed up story of two siblings living in Canada. The book traces the life of two twisted siblings, Emma and Blue. Their father was a lunatic, have a delusional bias that he's an inventor and dreamer, and he suddenly disappears one day. The mother resorts to alcohol, and in this environment, Em and Blue grow, see, and start to walk on the roads of further delusions. Em handles her life differently, finds a home somewhere else and seeks an identity for herself, whereas Blue having a very bad relationship with his father, decides to instead look for him. This way the inseparable siblings soon grow apart. The author Camilla Gibb has in fact written the "petty" details very well. The life of Em and Blue is so superbly traced and portrayed, with such explicit detailing, that the realism affected me in a negative way.

Nevertheless I read the book and finished it last night. These books make us realize how sheltered and protected we are, and what all horrid issues and challenges people actually face outside. A broken home, traumatizing visuals, scars from sadistic relations, identity crisis, illusions, psychological disorders are just the tip of the ice berg in this book.

Anyway, this book depressed me a lot. I actually stopped reading it for sometime, and instead took a break and read another lighter novel. And to my surprise the book I read and actually liked was a romance novel. It's called "The Reluctant Heiress". 

Now this book I am guessing must have been for teens, as the language is simple and its a typical love story of an Austrian Princess and a rich handsome businessman. But what I loved about the book was not anything related to romance and love, but was the beautiful description of Austria, its castles, and the life in the country side. It made me wonder, why the hell am I living in Mumbai!! There is so much beauty outside and life would be so amazing and different in a place like Vienna or my favorite place in the world, Bern. Anyway the book is about the Heiress of Pfaffenstein, Austria. It was in the 1920's, where the austrians were poor and had no wealth due to the country being stripped because of the War. So all the Princess Tessa had was her castle, which she sells to Guy Farnes, the dashing self-made millionnaire and her reputed title of being a princess. He buys the castle for his fiancee, but the underlying relationship between the princess and the millionnaire is very well written. I finished the book by evening, as it was interesting and the simple language made it a fast read. This book even though simple and typical changed my mood and suddenly made me feel better. It had nothing to do with the love story, but the description of the characters and Austria was what made me feel light and happy. The Austrian names were very hard to pronounce, nevertheless it's a good read for those who like light books that can give you an instant "good" feeling. The author Eva Ibbotson has written more such books which are best sellers, and I will be reading those after I finish the current book I started reading just today, which is the biography of Indira Gandhi. Its another huge jump for me, because generally I never read biographies, especially of those connected to the politics and government of India. But Indira Gandhi was too huge, and there were too many controversies surrounding her. I actually look up to her, so I am looking forward to reading it.

Well I know I have rambled about books, and its a random topic but I just had to update my blog. It has been dead for weeks. Will write something better soon.



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