Another day.

Just had an awesome session of kickboxing, nearly three to four months I have been doing it seriously. It's actually a big deal for me, I rarely do anything for a continuous period, my mind always fluctuates, and honestly that's not a good thing. Anyway chuck, point is, today was awesome, nearly 200 kicks, crunches, push ups, surya namaskar and what not. So feeling pretty productive. Mind you, it's not a form of sublimation. (need to know little psych to understand)

Had a hectic day, was in college from 7am to 2pm (more or less). Then watched a movie at home. I saw two really fabulous animated movies, yesterday and today. I am guessing they are not that recent. Yesterday I watched Puss in Boots. My God, was it awesome! They had mixed several of my favorite stories into one. We had Jack and Jill, Jack and the Beanstalk, Humpty Dumpty, and of course Puss in Boots!! It was a mix of sugar, spice and everything nice. (power-puff girls and Dexter- my favorite cartoon, and oh! the lulu show too, very few remember it).

Today I watched Legend of the Guardians. An animated movie on owls!! So sexy!! The scenes, the fights, the animation! Awesome! One problem with these movies is that, its so awesome that you feel so sad in the end because you are stuck in the world of reality and can never have the world these characters live in. A fool's wish, but still, if only.......

I have hell lot of work piled, have to read up, decide on my essay topic, prepare for tests and most importantly, start designing my own experiment. It sounds cool..but trust just "sounds" cool, honestly I am dreading designing my own experiment.

So now, I will go and do some reading up and then kick back with my Afghan. (Sounds totally wrong! please note, afghan is a book).



  1. hhhmmmmm..... gud u clarified that afghan is a book , :))
    and haaa!!! in ur exercises work more on ur form, than getting the numbers.....

  2. :) well d numbers motivate me to work on my form. :)

  3. ok, i wish it was same for me but i get demotivated with the numbers, Im like OMG more 50 to go, so lets chuck the from, im going for short cuts, and in another case, its like when u have silent competition going on during the work out, thats like ok he did 25 im gonna do 30 , so lets compromise the form.....


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