Ok. So I am sick. Ill actually.

Cold, cough and slight fever. Why? I don't know. Solution- Dcold and Chinese. So I shall be ok by night.

I am dreading exercise tomorrow. Kickboxing is rigorous, and during the last few classes my Sir made me do 120 squats and 80 push ups. My body still aches.

College has been going well. Lectures have started and I can already feel the material load up slowly on my tiny head. Today's lecture was interesting, where towards the end we did a small psychoanalytic task to understand certain things about ourselves. I should say it works, Frued's theory I mean. Don't know why people hate that guy, his work and views are superb.

Can you believe it..I still haven't bought the rose plant. I saw two nice carts in the morning on my way to college, fresh flowers and so pretty but obviously I couldn't purchase it then, and afternoon they are not there.

I started two new books, simultaneously. Six Suspects by Vikas Swarup, the author who wrote Q & A..Slumdog Millionaire (Q&A) is based on it. Hardly few pages have gone by, but it seems interesting. Will write the review after I am done reading. The second book is The Afghan by Frederick Forsyth. This is my first spy, thriller sort of novel. It revolves around the Al Qaeda operations. So lets see how it goes. My Biography of Indira is lying somewhere..all dusty. It's overtly heavy, but one fine day, no matter how many months or years it takes, I will finish that book.

Lots to do. New sketch in process. Plus my books and of course studies.



  1. 120 squats, and 80 push ups.... naaaaice
    but go easy on ur self man and i hope ur stretching well before and after the work out, hey if even ur a fitness freak i guess u should check out cassey and renee on youtube, they show some gud free hand exercises for u gals,
    and OMG u already have three books in hand,
    I remember My fathers saying, Too many goals or no Goals will not lead u any where.... so each individual has to fig it out wats too many for him self.....
    TC :)hope u get well soon

  2. lol...yea been exercising for few months..n its going trainer comes home to teach..n trust me i dnt have too many goals at all...pretty aimless n conflicted... :) anyways thanks!


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