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Hello Blog,

I am bored, and when I am bored I come to you. Ok, not only when I am bored, but when happy, sad, poetic, depressed, annoyed, frustrated, hurt, well I can go on. Anyway no need to suck up to you, couldn't think of a good start so wrote the above line, don't get too flattered. (I still love you)

So I had a troublesome weekend, but thankfully I am not sick anymore. I had very unfortunate incident of puking in the car on sunday, Dad was royally annoyed, but seeing my green face he didn't say much. This detail could have been avoided but well, still mentioned it. Big deal right! It's my blog.

I finished reading "the six suspects" in less than two days. I cannot say that it was amazing, but I couldn't keep the book down. The life and the murder case revolving around the six people was just awesome. Six different lives, six different problems, six different solutions and six different results, all merging into one conclusion. Superbly conveyed.. is superbly a word? i don't know. Blah. Who cares.

Now I am reading "the afghan", maybe not as attention catching as the previous book, but still lets see how it goes on. Made a new sketch, it's a rose. Rose is my favorite flower, since I still haven't bought a rose to plant, I instead went on to compensate (defense mechanism) and drew a rose. Will upload it on my "work" page. 

I am hungry. Waiting for my "blue" lays (favorite flavor) to come from the general stores. Will get back to Freud. 



  1. Puked in dads car !!!!!! :0 my dad would kill me even if i was sick, lol na just kidding.....
    but ud to know ur fine now
    and i saw the rose its nice and as pretty as all ur other drawings, but i wonder y are all ur drawings in black and white,
    is ur simplicity which reflects in ur drawing,
    or some kind of fear to express.....
    peace V

  2. Hey! thanks...well thats my drawing style..i love black n white as colors..n only use them for my designs..its my technique :)

  3. well in case you liked afgan, read fist of god as well from the same writer, can say that the afgan is the sequel to fist of god. neat read. try it :)


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