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General Update 1

This is another general update. I know I am cribbing most of the time, but can't help it. Right now I am getting a massive head ache. Even two cups of tea have made absolutely no difference. I didn't go to college, my subject (psychology) drains me out to such an extent that I cannot wake up on time. But nevertheless I am loving it, and I am loving the geekiness that's coming out of me.
My work is going on track, my lissenchephaly essay was submitted, I also wrote an essay on psycho sexual stages (Freud's view) in context to sexually abused children. That was fun. Three experiments are conducted and now we have three more to go. My test few days back was terrible. I studied everything except for one topic, and unfortunately that one topic was asked. I am guessing that I have failed that test, which is despicable, anyway I will have to make up for my lost marks elsewhere.
Next week we have three more tests lined up, which I will study for from tomorrow, as right now I …

Knowledge much?

Its been an overall happy experiment was selected, today the first batch conducted it, all the materials and tables were made well, the neurology test went "decent", essay submission done, ate nice food from urban tadka, and awesome chocolate cake, which I specifically heated for 10 seconds. So at least at this moment I can say that I am a happier person. 

Anyway, today's blog post is about the topic called knowledge. First tell me, is it wrong if I don't know Vir Das? I guess that's how its spelled. So Karan tells me that his friend has gone to see Vir Das. And I am unresponsive, one because I don't care, and two, who the hell is he! 

Seeing this, Karan is disgusted and throws a fit that I have absolutely no knowledge! wtf.

I mean, Ok. Why do I need to know who Vir Das is. Apparently he's some stand up comedian and he's acted in Delhi Belly. More than all this, it really bothers him that even though I have no "knowledge", I am really c…

Absurd day 1.


 Another random day in my life. Oh, my experiment design got selected for class conduction. I am really surprised, as I made the presentation at 1am, since I was with Toulouse the whole day. He had an emergency surgery to remove the beer cap from his stomach. Anyway thankfully everything went well. So my design is really simple, where I will be studying how moods affect problem solving. Sadly when you are selected, it kind of becomes your responsibility to handle the material for the whole class, mail them references and reports, etc. But anyway, I am happy. 

I may be getting a viral. My throat's been weird since yesterday. Its like that black thing from Spiderman 3 stuck in my throat. I hate it. And since I am talking about "absurd", my rickshaw broke down yesterday at Juhu circle. Now there is nothing weird about that, my ricks always break down, or puncture, or the gas is over. But this time they way it broke down was absurd. The handle came off! Can you believe …