Absurd day 1.


 Another random day in my life. Oh, my experiment design got selected for class conduction. I am really surprised, as I made the presentation at 1am, since I was with Toulouse the whole day. He had an emergency surgery to remove the beer cap from his stomach. Anyway thankfully everything went well. So my design is really simple, where I will be studying how moods affect problem solving. Sadly when you are selected, it kind of becomes your responsibility to handle the material for the whole class, mail them references and reports, etc. But anyway, I am happy. 

I may be getting a viral. My throat's been weird since yesterday. Its like that black thing from Spiderman 3 stuck in my throat. I hate it. And since I am talking about "absurd", my rickshaw broke down yesterday at Juhu circle. Now there is nothing weird about that, my ricks always break down, or puncture, or the gas is over. But this time they way it broke down was absurd. The handle came off! Can you believe it! The rick just stopped, the driver is like the left side of the handle just broke and its not working. So he caught another rick for me. Now that rick was weirder. The driver requested me to sit inside and wait, he had to give a letter to someone. Hmmmmmmm...So i waited, partly because I just wanted to sit peacefully and listen to songs and other part was that I was too bored to look for another rickshaw. 

After like 10 minutes, a pest control guy came and took the letter. They discussed something and then both got inside the rick on the driver's seat. I was stumped. The pest control guy then got down on the way.

I came home and slept off.

Was woken at 4pm since I had my exercise class. I quickly ate and then exercised. Made a mistake of telling my Sir that I want a one minute break, so he made me climb my building stairs till the 7th floor. That was my break, a "light" walk. Things got annoying when my  cell battery was about to die and I found out that my brother had taken my charger with him. That was it. It's like lava erupting. I was so angry, so so so very angry, that I started to cry. This is the way my anger gets out. Through tears. What pissed me off was that he's a nokia user, and I am samsung. Now there are 3 to 4 nokia chargers at home and only one samsung charger, so why the hell was my charger taken!! My anger was then passed on to mom, who passed it to dad and then was passed to Karan. 

To top it off, I didn't eat dinner, instead tried to make mashed potatoes which sucked and then I couldn't find the AC remote. The only thing that maintained my sanity was this cool movie I saw last night. It was called the "triangle"..really nice concept. It wasn't exactly a horror movie, nevertheless I got chills. After that I slept off. Now I will be studying. Have a test on monday and essay submission along with experiment material making. Plus Ganpati is coming on Wednesday and I have to help Dad with decorations.



  1. heee heee heee, i just couldnt stop laughing when i read about at that rickshaw break down and the charger, lol even i use to land up doing things unintentionally which my sis use to just hate it, any ways she is married now so i dont get a chance to do those mischief, but we definitely laugh alot remembering them when we meet.....
    glad to know that cap is out of toulouse,( woof woof )
    hey mashed potatoes will definitely taste nice if u add some cheeses(little), mustard oil, olive oil, boiled carrot, and boiled beans, salt and pepper with toast ( thats usually my break fast when im alone ) ...

  2. who has time to cut n boil carrots n beans!! anyways i hate those two veges..n i did put cheese..infact too much..which is y it sukd..


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