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General Update 1


This is another general update. I know I am cribbing most of the time, but can't help it. Right now I am getting a massive head ache. Even two cups of tea have made absolutely no difference. I didn't go to college, my subject (psychology) drains me out to such an extent that I cannot wake up on time. But nevertheless I am loving it, and I am loving the geekiness that's coming out of me.

My work is going on track, my lissenchephaly essay was submitted, I also wrote an essay on psycho sexual stages (Freud's view) in context to sexually abused children. That was fun. Three experiments are conducted and now we have three more to go. My test few days back was terrible. I studied everything except for one topic, and unfortunately that one topic was asked. I am guessing that I have failed that test, which is despicable, anyway I will have to make up for my lost marks elsewhere.

Next week we have three more tests lined up, which I will study for from tomorrow, as right now I have no energy. Now since most of my posts are boring and mundane, and I am droning about my life in most, I shall title my posts as "general update...".

I have exercise class in a bit. Then I may get out for a while. Today instead of going to college, I sat at home and read psychology articles. I have no idea what's been up wit me. I downloaded around 20 to 25 psychology ebooks and I can't wait to read them. Will start one in a bit. Lame right? You know, I wasn't like this at all. This geeky change happened last month itself. I know why this has happened, may reveal it someday, don't want to write about it here right now. I was the girl who hated education and the whole system. I was glad to graduate because I wanted to chuck everything and work. I wanted a normal office job, come home, get out at night, simple. Vague, senseless and mediocre ambitions. Now for some reasons, everything changed. I want a Master's Degree in psychology, and then I want to specialize further. Weird. But I always was.

Tomorrow we have some career workshop in college. Not a bad idea since our field is vast and we need to know our options. All I am thinking is, its for three hours. Why? What are they going to talk for three hours!

I started watching Grey's Anatomy and I am madly hooked to it. Plus I have a soft corner for doctors, so it makes me a bigger addict now. Surprising part is since we study a lot about neuro "stuff", I understand and know some, maybe like twenty percent of brain related issues they talk about in the show! Dorky much? But it feels so awesome to know these medical conditions, and I know them even though I am not a doctor. Yay.

Anyway I have droned enough. Will read now, or wait, maybe I shall nap! Or may watch the show. Lets see.



  1. thx, so how was ur ganesh chaturti....wish i could see ur ganpati's pics as well ...

  2. yea..have put them on google plus..wil add u ther..if ur on it..overall it was good..

  3. ya pls do add, had never used google + much, ya but still im on it my id
    hey and u know just yesterday when i had gone to visit my sis in yari rd i saw some one walking a baset hound so i asked if its Tully and the lady replied that his name is mud, but never the less i went threw his shiny coat with my hands and it made me think that ur so lucky to have such a cute well behaved companion, :)

  4. :)) acha...nice..yea i am lucky..atleast on days he doesnt bug me.. :D


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