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Knowledge much?

Its been an overall happy experiment was selected, today the first batch conducted it, all the materials and tables were made well, the neurology test went "decent", essay submission done, ate nice food from urban tadka, and awesome chocolate cake, which I specifically heated for 10 seconds. So at least at this moment I can say that I am a happier person. 

Anyway, today's blog post is about the topic called knowledge. First tell me, is it wrong if I don't know Vir Das? I guess that's how its spelled. So Karan tells me that his friend has gone to see Vir Das. And I am unresponsive, one because I don't care, and two, who the hell is he! 

Seeing this, Karan is disgusted and throws a fit that I have absolutely no knowledge! wtf.

I mean, Ok. Why do I need to know who Vir Das is. Apparently he's some stand up comedian and he's acted in Delhi Belly. More than all this, it really bothers him that even though I have no "knowledge", I am really cool about it and do not care. Now that's not true.

Knowledge is a wide field. And seriously, what's his problem. He says he gets scared that I do not know the basic things of life and I don't even take an effort to know them. Now few days back, I admit something very bad happened. Like a loser, I ask my brother and dad.."what is chs?". 

Ans- Co operative housing society. Consequence after one second- Both dad n bro say- U SCARE ME!, U HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE, HOW WILL U SURVIVE IN MUMBAI...U CANT EVEN CROSS THE ROAD,  Then dad adds...KARAN TEACH  HER SOMETHING!!

Now if I don't know this, is it really that bad. Fine, I should know, its basic common sense, but so what!! Spread knowledge!!

Tell me the right answer so I can learn! And just because I don't know the meaning of CHS,  the world's not going to end. 

Anyway, I don't understand this whole need to "know" everything. Yes, I like knowledge, I like studying, knowing new things, but its because I want to. Not because people think I should "know" so that I can survive!! Its such a stupid argument. And trust me, I know my field well. Do you think they know what's lissenchepaly? Describe PET, MRI, FMRI, EEG full forms? Name the degree that Freud had? Who were his followers? Tell me something about Dyslexia? How do you make cocoa brownies? I can go on.

To each his own. No need to judge someone on CHS and Vir Das.



  1. hey don't get me wrong, but i find it very funny when some thing similar happens to others wat i go through, i guess we all some time or the other go through this same shit,
    But im totally with u with u on this....even my reaction would be the same if i would come across to some thing new... and i would feel really stupid only if i am dealing with some thing regularly and still if i wouldn't know much about it .....


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