Ok, so I have been thinking about writing about a few moments with Dad that I guess I shall never forget. Mind you I am actually a bit scared to pen this down. He doesn't really like my casual writing style so much, and I am definitely sure he's going to be critical about this too. Well that's my Dad. Getting a "nod" of approval too is extremely difficult. 

Anyway, to the good parts. Now few years ago, I did an internship at Dad's office. He's the big ass head of the creative department, for me he's just Dad. The previous night of D-DAY..he calls me in the room to talk. 
He said that "Tanvi, you are not my daughter in office. You are an intern and I have to treat you like one. You cannot just come to your daddy's cabin and chill here. I am a Boss there. It is serious. So you have to sit with your team and learn. You will have to have lunch with them no matter what time they eat, you cannot eat with me. Understood?" I was stumped, but felt it was correct. I just wanted to be a regular intern. 

So my day 1 at office started. We went together, two hours of a taxing drive to Lower Parel. Few hours had passed and it was around one pm. He called me on my mobile. "Why are you not drinking water?, I can see you from my cabin, finish the bottle and re fill it again, its important you drink water, the AC dehydrates the body!!". "I want the bottle finished right now, you want to ruin your health!!" 

Me- OK Dad. :)

Day 2 at office. Mind you I had not gone to his cabin even once. So Mom calls me. Shes like Dad just called  and he said.."Vrushali, Tanvi hasn't even come to the cabin once!! Not even once to say hi!" He was all grumpy. Lmao.

Day 3- The canteen guy gets me perfect tea made my style, and an omelette  I tell him I didn't order. He's like "Papa ne bheja"!!

Me- he tells me to be serious and learn, and now he sends me breakfast! That's my Dad.

Day 4- I get a call on the office phone near my computer. Dad has called me to the cabin for some work. I go there and guess what I see. He has a huge big box filled with all possible assortments of biscuits! 
"Here here, eat fast!"
He's like your team eats late, here, choose and eat biscuits fast!! So I sit with him and he makes sure I eat ample biscuits so that I am not hungry.

Again, that's my Dad.

Day 5- He calls again. "Don't eat lunch so late. 2pm is very late. I will call for Pepperoni Pizza, at 1pm. Eat with me."

Me- OK Dad.

 :D HAHAHA...That's my Dad. :)

Day6- Another call. By now I am used to it. "Do you want to go to Phoenix for Ice cream?"

I had a lemon sorbet that day. :)

This goes on for one month that I worked there. He never agrees or says this, but he was really upset when I left in a month. Back to his routine of going to Parel alone everyday.

That one month was amazing, only because of Dad. The work was dead boring to be honest. 

End of the day, no matter what your Dad is, whether he's a CEO, or the manager, or Ambani, doesn't matter. Dad is Dad, and his daughter, is his daughter. No force can change it.

Another incident that happened was when I had a terrible stomach ache. And for four to five days I was suffering very badly.So he gave me some dirty mixture to drink. Now when I say dirty, I mean dirty, disgusting, horrendous, basically every possible negative word in Webster's Dictionary. It was a huge glass filled with an olive green liquid! Looked like polyjuice potion. (Harry lovers will understand)

One sip was enough to make me cry.I actually started to cry, it was that bad. So my dear Dad says, "Should I put sugar in it?" "It may taste better"

More tears fall.

"Should I put lime in it?? Wait I will put lime."

Me- Dad!! NOOOO!! I am not drinking that!

So that's my Dad. He's there for me, end of the day.
No matter how much you love, hate, hurt, back answer. No matter even if you are a disappointment sometimes, he's still there, loving you, being there for you along with some shouting,  taunts and anger. But, he is still there, irrevocably loving you. 


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