It's 1:37am, and I just got done talking to R. Its been a good day. Lot of shopping, got the denim jacket I have been wanting for months and tickets for Jab Tak Hai Jaan are in Mom's purse.

Listening to Apna Mujhe tu bana from 1920 evil returns on loop. Wonderful song, and I guess not-so-wonderful movie. My wish to watch it remains unfulfilled. One of the cons  (maybe the only con) of single-hood  since no good friend will come with you for a trashy movie, its good, infact beneficial to have a bf, just so that someone comes for any movie, whether he likes it or not. Shame.

My blog post for today is not going to consist of any ranting, cribbing, anger, or anything psychology. Me, myself, am sick of discussing the subject that's shaping my life as of now. So instead today, I am going to talk about quirks. I feel your quirks, in a quirky way, define you. And also make you somewhat interesting. If you aren't weird then your life is pointless. (This is strictly my opinion, you can do what you want, be what you want).

Few days back, after college I was chilling with A,S and K. For two hours, we mainly discussed the things we had done, mostly weird and some of our weird habits.

So I shall start by saying that I love the smell of drenched clothes from the washing machine. I have no idea why. I love it when the clothes are freshly out of the machine and are being put on the stand for drying. Most people love the smell of petrol for some reason, I hate that. For me the smell of petrol reminds me of my car journey to Goa. For those who don't know I have motion sickness (applicable to 7hrs plus travel). So I remember, I used to feel pukey before sitting in the car itself while going to Goa, and when Dad would stop at the petrol pump, the fumes would just be everywhere! So its like a negative reaction, more like aversive conditioning. (Sorry, no psych topics). Hence, whenever I smell petrol, I instantly feel nauseous.
Goa has ruined my life and sense of smell. Next quirk..........

I absolutely HATE water rings! Now I don't have ocd, actually I am quite sloppy. My room is a mess, my drawers are messed, my notes and books are strewn all over. My cupboard makes Mom cry. But when I see a water ring formed by my cold water glass, or say tea, basically any mark left by cup or tea bugs me to the end of time. I just cannot stand it. I get a cloth and start cleaning it. I need to clean it. Its a compulsion. Even when I go out to a cafe with my friends, and I see the mark left from the water, I call for tissues and clean it myself. I have no patience to wait for the waiter to clean my table. So in my overall sloppy life, this is the only ray of mad cleanliness. Yet, in spite of all this, I don't use coasters! And right now I am wondering, why?

Another weird thing I loved doing as a kid was playing with mercury! I used to break the thermometers at home, and remove some weird silver liquid type "stuff", and play with it. Man, its fun! That was the mercury I guess. It looked like shiny dew, dry, yet liquid in nature, I have no words to describe it, but I would watch it sliding in my hands. My happy moment ended when Mom saw me. I never saw a thermometer again, and still don't have one at home.  Apart from Mercury, I remember I used to eat Mom's lipstick. For some reason I enjoyed being destructive, so would eat it.

Now this is a common quirk. I am very sure that many have done it, and many still do it. I used to, well I still do, rub fevicol on my hands and after it dries, peel it off! Its worth a try for those who haven't done it. It looks like you are peeling your skin off, and its very oddly funny and nice. Sorry, I know I sound like I am mad, but all these quirks do actually define me. You people should try the fevicol peeling thing.

Since I sound mad, let me tell you, my friends are weirder. They as children would chew shoes (munch actually) and eat mothballs thinking its candy. So mercury and fevicol is nothing!

Hmmmm, what other quirks? I have collected caterpillars to make a greenhouse and then threw them off my fifth floor window and watched them fly away! Sadist much. This incident I have mentioned in my older post.

I tear paper when I am angry. If I have a problem or need to think of some matter to clear my head, I think out aloud. I need to talk to myself loudly to organize my thoughts. Anyway that's all I am writing. I have million more quirks, but would rather showcase them to people personally than on a public blog.

Will stop writing now, too many mosquitoes, cant concentrate.


  1. lol..... that was funny, reminds me of a lot of things i use to do in my child hood...


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