General Update 4

My mood has been terrible. No idea why. (Challa playing in the background)

Life is going "normal", yet sadly I cannot control my greys (feel that grey is more apt a color for a bad mood than blue). So now I am going to bake a chocolate cake to make myself feel better..generally they say that when you are in bad mood, it affects what you cook. It is true, but today I am trying the opposite, really hope my cake helps me feel better. I finally saw the movie "up" which I have wanted to see for ages. Its sweet, and even I feel like tying up balloons to myself and floating away somewhere. 

College is going fine, sadly it seems we don't have a Christmas break. 24th we have college and some submission. I am kind off bored of college, really need a break but just not getting one. We had secret santa in class and someone gave me a ring, lip gloss and earrings. All my favorite things. Damn sweet, tomorrow I shall find out who the person was.

I am waiting for Prince stores to deliver the ingredients. Since long I am waiting, and I really want coke, which I need to drink. Need a sugar rush.  We had a practical exam few days ago, and a very weird viva. The viva was suppose to be for forty marks, but I was asked hardly four to five questions. God only knows how we are going to be marked.

Anyway I am glad that this month is ending. 2012 has been a taxing year, emotionally. I really hope 2013 shall be more "eventful". This Christmas is A's birthday! So waiting for that. Plus we are planning to also go to the orphanage and celebrate Xmas with the kids. So working that out with my friends. 

I started reading - fifty shades of grey. Amazing book! Waiting to get the second and third. I am madly MADLY in love with Christian Grey. I guess he wins over Edward Cullen and Derek Shepherd. Or guess I am capable of falling for multiple people mostly fictitious in nature! Do they even make such men anymore? I cant see. 

Well that's all for now. Me going to bake.



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