So, Hello.

My topic for today is Blah. Now Blah means a combination of feelings that include depression, mood swings, boredom, basically "blah-ness", it cannot be explained. It also comes with severe bodily changes like loss of words, vacant expressions, delusional, walking randomly around and mad cravings for junk. So yea, I feel blah. I do not have words to explain it.

Why do I feel blah?

I finally know. Something is wrong with the very air of Mumbai, and I think Mom Dad being out of town is just the cherry on the cake. So when my parents left, I was all excited. Home alone, TV to myself, lots of junk, coke, chinese, books and Toulouse. I was a happy person, till today. Two days I had crazy fun, but I guess that's my limit. Lack of parents, is like lack of control in life.

Its as if my path just got erased. I feel like I am just walking ahead without my glasses. (My power is 7, so here I am implying that I am blind).

I feel "unproductive", since there is no one to control me, and my responsibility compass is not pointing north anymore. I lazed, and lazed around. Watched countless movies and ate hell lot of chips. So coming to my point, I really miss my parents. I miss my Mom, I would think twice before eating too many chips with her around. I miss my Dad, who would definitely scream if he saw me having coke.

Look at my update, it's like the blah-ness is oozing out of all my freaking words.

I was suppose to update my psych blog, but I did not. I was suppose to start my college assignments, but I did not. I was suppose to go play badminton, but I did not. Blah.

Anyway I think I shall stop now.....



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