Not so Blah.

Why, hello!

My previous post was blah (filled with my ramblings of a terrible day), and since I am bi polar, I am now happy again. Just got back, had gone with R to Bru for tea. In this post I shall rant out what all I did past two to three days. The good things, and I promise I shall not complain or crib in this post.

So I shall start about food. Few days back I made Spaghetti in Arrabiata sauce, which everyone at home loved! It was easy, Dad and Mom are not pasta fans, but they loved it. It instantly got over, and sadly Karan didn't get to eat, even though I had actually made it for him.

I also went to Love Sugar Dough. It's an awesome place where you get the best desserts ever. I tried the rainbow slice there! Too good! Two people need to share it as its super huge.And you wont even feel guilty as the calories get split.

So food front I am happy! My valentine's day was really good. R and M, came over. I know this is lame, and since I am damn corny I baked a chocolate cake and actually wrote HVD on it! My efforts instead of being appreciated by my best friends, were infact laughed at. I cut out mini hearts and stuck them in the room. I crossed the limits of corny'ness that day. I actually asked Karan if I was acting abnormal, and is it ok to be this excited on Vday especially when I am single!

Nevertheless it was awesome. R bought loads of donuts. We called for food and talked for hours. So in short, 14th Feb was a good day. Tonight also we will be continuing, calling for food and eating more cake. (fyi, we are big time hoggers) The white heart shaped donut M finished off in exactly one minute, I counted! 

So that's all. See, wrote all good things, food, cakes, good times, i did not mention my stupid college, nor did I complain.

Oh, just to note, fifty shades darker the second book in the series SUCK. In one of my posts I had mentioned that I love Christian Grey, I take it back! It's a pathetic book, please do not read.

I read another great book called The Thirteenth Tale. Awesome. Buy if possible.

Oh, and I watched this movie called The Number 23. Jim Carrey. Super movie, especially if one enjoys psychology thrillers.

By- Not so blah 



  1. jim carey. 23. phew. quite a tale that was.

    50 whatever. no idea. dont intend to get an idea.

    about the corniness, keep it! its darn cute!

    and damn i wish i could cook. i cant even do maggi. i am that lame.

  2. haha.. thank you. :) and yes..maggi is d easiest thing to make..!! so pls try..


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