I have college in a bit, and I haven't written a general update for a while now so thought I would quickly put something up. My last week has been kind off hectic, with my board exams going on and Mom leaving for a vipassana center, plus Dad being in Delhi. So there's been a lot going on with handling the house and three tough back to back papers. Finally however I am done, with just practicals left which is not that much of a pain.

My papers were ok-ish I guess, would have done better if I had actually studied, but being me, I had left everything literally to the very last minute. Nevertheless 10% is your hard-work  and 90% is your paper corrector, that holds the threads to your future. This rule strictly applies tho those related to Mumbai University. So I am just going to pray that my paper corrector is in a happy place, well fed and in a super mood. :) *fingers crossed*

Anyways, I have been chilling since yesterday and I saw some really good movies. I watched Game of Thrones Season 3, the latest episodes, which were ok, don't know why people go so crazy over it, but still they were good. Three hours passed off in that, after which I loaded The Host. Now that's a really nice movie, based on Stephanie Meyer's novel. Its a bit less "gay" than Twilight. The movie was well shown, but the end was lame, which is what is happening to most movies these days.

Then I watched The Perks of being a Wallflower. Very nice movie. I love the story, the way it is handled, the subtle psychology, the issues, basically everything about the movie. When life is going good on the personal and movie front, sadly I can say it is not so good on the food front. For some reason, which I fail to diagnose, I am just not hungry. I survived the whole day yesterday on two cups of tea and little pulav. Maybe I need Mcds, or some junk.

I miss R. She has exams and next 8 days shes not here. Mom is not here. Dad is not here. Karan is never here. Thank God for T and G, that I am still going on with a huge smile plastered to my face.

So that's all I have to say. Will leave for college in a while, and now I am suddenly hungry! So going to eat......



  1. If you are a fan of dark humor and sarcasm, try watching House M.D., the guy in it has championed sarcastic humor plus may help you in general with psychiatry as the problem solving techniques used by him are intriguing.

  2. yea. I have heard bout it, seen couple of episodes. :)


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