Into the wild, weird movies and auto pilot.

I am very low. 

A stupid fight can suck out all the day's happiness that you had collected. And in such times your only solace is food and letting stuff be. Sometimes it's good to just live on auto pilot. Just let things happen, and watch your own life from a third perspective, because for some reason at that moment, in that terrible state, you tend to think the worse, feel the worse and do the worse. 

I had to write.

I just got done watching Into the Wild. Its such a beautiful movie. It is a true story based on a boy, hardly 23 years old, who leaves everything behind, his savings, career, family and goes off into the wild to find meaning, purpose, clarity and happiness. For a year and a half he backpacks at random places, meets people, gathers new experiences, and finally reaches Alaska which was his main goal. The way he survives there is superbly shown and shot. Eventually he dies there, hardly 24 years of age.

He dies, but not before penning down the line "happiness is only real when shared". I loved the movie, but somehow felt he was extreme. I mean I get the whole idea of being with oneself, just leaving everything superficial behind, but why go away to Alaska, and then die. Why waste the precious life. Isn't making your life, working towards something, falling in love, nurturing a family, also helpful in finding meaning, and eventually finding your purpose.

Anyway, his life was amazing and the movie is a must watch for everyone. 

I am so stuffed on pizza and coke right now. I don't want to sleep, but have to soon. Going to Igatpuri at 4am tomorrow to pick Mom up. Finally her tedious 10 day meditation camp is over. She finally called today. I heard my mom's voice after 10 days. 

I saw two very weird movies in the last three days. One was called The Wicked. It revolved around this myth where there is a cabin in the wood, where a witch stays and if you throw a stone and break her window, she will hunt you down, and eat you up. The synopsis seemed interesting, and sadly I did not check the ratings. Pathetic movie. The witch shreds the legs of the people she hunts, makes some weird soup and drinks it. Then she starts looking better. Weird.

Why did I watch it. Eventually some kid manages to burn her, with a lighter and deodorant. Who the hell makes such cinema. 

Then I saw a cute and not-that-weird movie called The Brass Teapot. After a previous bad experience,  this time I looked up the rating and selected the movie. I loved the concept. It was about a average couple, who find a brass teapot that produces money if they hurt themselves! So each time they get hurt, or hurt someone the teapot gives them money. So they start by beating themselves, getting waxed, tattooed, kicking, slapping, punching and what not. Soon however it starts getting ugly, the intensity of hurt increases and till it reaches a point where it produces more money if they emotionally hurt one another. So overall its a decent watch.

I met R and M today, after ages. Felt ok. Didn't really lift my mood though.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I loaded the old Aashiqui movie on Youtube. It is nice! I mean the songs are lovely, and the couple is weird who fall in love, like in a day. Weird. But its a nice movie and I hope Aashiqui 2 lives up to the original.

That's all. Waiting to see Mom tomorrow. 



  1. Weirdly i fell asleep when i was watching into the wild.. long back in 2011. And perhaps i found myself incapable of appreciating its beauty.

  2. no its ok..its pretty heavy...i saw it in parts over 2 days. :) but its worth completing it.

  3. Yes but i felt asleep in it 2-3 times although i completed it.. but i ffound it really weird.. and i dont know whats good init


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