The Croods, People and Annoying Kids.


Today is a great great dayyy!!

It's 23rd! So yayy. :) plus I went and watched The Croods with I, A, and A's sis. After a lot of canning, issues, drama the plan finally worked out and we went. It is a spectacular movie!! A must MUST watch.

The animation was lovely, the characterization was superb, every minute gripped us, every minute made you laugh. I loved the movie just by seeing the title and the way the title was picturized. I loved the concept of cave people, the way it is shown, I lovedddd "Guy", sooo cute he was. Each and every character was just too good. I instantly came home and called my 10 yr old cousin and told her to watch it.

In the theatre more than a million kids were present, but instead the four of us made more noise. We just couldn't stop laughing. The girl's weirdness, the grandmother, the fat brother, ooo and the little girl!! My God, its epic! I do not want to give out too many details and spoil it. Just please go and watch.

The movie theater was filled with children, obviously and their irritated mothers. Now generally I love children, but today the children there were an absolute horror. I myself was so irritated that I felt like punching most of them. And as expected the most annoying kids there were boys!! Stupid hormonal monkeys! Pushing around and stamping on people's (and by people I mean me) feet. While waiting in the line for coke, some stupid boy stamped on my foot, he was trying to cut in to snatch the coke from his mother's hand. I was so irritated that I pushed the kid! I am actually not this mean, but cmon! I mean we were never like this! Even Karan being an annoying boy wasn't this bratty, noisy, and a destroyer of toes.

Then there was this other boy who started to cry since his mother told him that everyone is going to share the popcorn and coke! hahaha... The most funniest was this sardar boy, really young who told his mother and an aunty along with him with full on attitude "excuse me! the coke is mine, only mine and I am not sharing".

I just gazed. What characters you get to see in this world. The mother was so irritated that she said..excuse me, there is no I or me here, it is all "ours"..joh tera hai woh mera hai... They looked at me and started to laugh. When the movie was done the same kid who stamped on my toes tried to push Ishani and me to get out faster. Thankfully the guard stopped him before he could push us. Yay! 

I know they are children and I should not be mean, but today for some reason every boy kid their seemed so annoying. The girls were the best, pretty and quiet. 

That's all, then we chilled in the mall, went for coffee, had awesome fries with honey chilli sauce, I bought some hairbands...

So overall its been a great exam day after!



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