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36 Point Something.


So a lot has been going on, major thought processes, irritating developments, some good times, some bad times, uncertainties, fears, happiness, love, writing, and basically life and a new view to reality.

So instead of sitting and dedicating a paragraph per issue, I am instead going to present them in pointers, which are, the following:

1- I saw Iron Man 3. (superb)
2- After three experiences I have concluded that JamJar has awesome food.
3- I still haven't seen Aashiqui2.
4- I am yet to study for Statistics paper which is on 14th.
5- My internship starts on 16th.
6- I have loads of formalities and some annoying paperwork to do.
7- Nikhita is visiting, so I have been chilling.
8- I am going crazy on twitter and loving it.
9- I along with my other chores, now have a new job, I go every evening out, to buy precisely six bananas.
10- I desperately need a pendrive, and realized that it is an important necessity.
11- I am trying my best to eat breakfast every morning.
12- I have to shop for semi formal clothing.
13- Need to buy M a gift. But I am broke.
14- No matter how busy I am or pretending to be, I have to watch the horror movie "wreck"
15- Update my psychology blog, which is dead.
16- I went crazy recently, but now thanks to Mom, K, G and R, I am calm.
17- I am letting a lot of things just be.
18- I am scared and paranoid about whats going to happen next.
19- Toulouse really needs a bath.
20- I am making it a point to take Toulouse for a walk every night. 
21- Nikhita showed me the work of a damn cool artist, which I shall post about soon.
22- I miss playing the keyboard and wish I could start again.
23- I have to exercise, I WANT a flat tummy.
24- I have to find my book "The secret", it really works.
25- I think Edward, Christian Grey, and all these "perfect" men do NOT exist, and writers should be killed for making such crap up and misleading people.
26- Realized, that life's a bitch.
27- I am not ashamed to admit that I enjoy two serials on Sony channel, but I am not naming them.
28-. Even though exam is coming, I will find time and bake a sponge cake for Dad soon.
29- I am crazily looking forward to seeing R and M's new home!
30- Planning to have 4 to 5 cups for green tea.
31- Stop complaining about life and not take my freedom for granted, plus Thank God for everything.
32- If I want to vent, I have my blog. :) So I shall update more.
33- Major life plan- Concentrate and do one thing at a time, since I suck at multi-tasking.
34- Cut back on my spending, spent like crazy this month, and its just been 7 days of May.
35- Make sure Nikhita creates doodles for my three blogs.
36- No matter what people say I am not giving up on you know who..... :)

So that's all. I wish myself all the love and luck to face all the shit that this year is planning to throw at me.



  1. wow, lol

    ya u really need a pen drive before you spoil any more hard drives,

    and hey, humans can't multi task, it's just Divided attention and autonomous behaviour to a skill( by practicing) which gets us two to three task at a time.


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